[EnOcean] Need help to install Eltako NSB61NP-230V Roller Shutters

Hi All,
New user here, fresh install using docker over OMV on a ODroid HC2 since yesterday.
Set up for “big name” integrations went smooth and fast (Netatmo, Sonos etc…), sadly the learning curve has become incredibly steep in the matter of minutes, trying to add my roller shutters, which are hooked up to an Eltako NSB61NP-230V EnOcean Module.

I managed to add the pusher which is used to command them normaly (EnOcean PTM215DB), with an EnOcean USB 300, but didn’t know how to get further from there…

Apparently the EnOcean integration is a bit “basic” (not in the negative way, open-source and passion and free time etc… I helped on a few projects in no-code way and know to be happy with what you get) and so adding something like the NSB61NP modules requires a hacky way over FHEM and MQTT, which seems overly complicated.

Is there something I am missing ? Can I maybejust emulate the button press without having to connect the linked NSB61NP at all (I don’t really care to know if it is allready up or down, it’s more to be able to move them remotly in my home…).

If this is more difficult : How can I help making it easier ? I am willing to test / try / share any information needed. EnOcean is a great standard for some niche usecases and, in my eyes, merits an easy and working way to add more stuff to your smart home.

Thanks for your help !


I’m probably not able to help (yet). But I might run into the same challenge as we’re building our house and I’m planning to use the FJ62NP-230V to control our roller shutters.

Have you managed to control some other kind of (Eltako) Enocean actor, e.g. a light switch/dimmer like the FD62NPN-230V? That would be a good start. If not, I could help you on that. See here:

I have not received my roller shutter actors FJ62NP-230V yet. But on a conceptional level, I see the following challenge:
For the Enocean integration EnOcean - Home Assistant
there is no cover device type available yet Cover - Home Assistant

I believe I stumbled over some custom code a few weeks ago that included some Enocean roller shutter, but unfortunately I can’t finde it anymore.

In case it is helpful, here’s a documentation on the Eltako Enocean telegrams (in German):

do you have an update?
I’m trying to plan a HA<>enocean combo in my house using Eltako devices… howerver as far as I understand it, HA can’t send telegrams through the enocean USB dongle, so it cannot control eltako devices. Is that right?