Entities with multiple values

New user here so please be kind :grinning:

I have a smart switch/ thermostat set up in Tuya.
Its an inkbird ITC-308 and its in my green house so it shows up as greenhouse in HASS and all is good.

Now hopefully i can describe this correctly
The device shows up as having one entity (called greenhouse ) but in reality it has others (current temp,target temp ,on/off/auto),its more of a thermostat than a sensor.I can see all these figures if I add a thermostat card to lovelace.

All I want to is show the current temperature on a picture card!
If I add it to a pitcure card I just get a badge and I have to click it to see the current temp.

Any advice ?

Which Lovelace card?

The picture card does not support displaying entities or their attributes. Did you mean the picture elements card?

If you did mean that card, use the state label element rather than the state badge element.

Yes Tom I did mean picture elements card & thanks for the reply.
So I changed it from badge to label and yes, it now shows the entities state as off.
So we are heading the right direction.
Is there a way to look at the device & see what entities are available ?

Here is a picture of my thermostat card,
Current temp 24, target temp 5c ,auto & off . This device has 2 relays for cooling & heating but I just want to use the current temp.

Again I apologies if my terminology is wrong.


type: thermostat
entity: climate.57237382a4cf12a45a86

Developer Tools / States. Click → Open your Home Assistant instance and show your state developer tools.

You will see the attributes to the right of the climate entity id.

You probably need to use the sate label attribute option to display the attribute temperature.

Thanks Tom ,
Have it working as should.
Its easy when you know how ,and i dont know how!

 - type: state-label
    entity: climate.57237382a4cf12a45a86
    attribute: current_temperature

You do now.

Also for future reference have a read of point 11 here.

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