Entity for device not showing up in device config

I think this should have a Gpio_D0 entity in the device config.
But the Device only have the “Firmware” entity in the device config.
Am I defining the variable wrong?

Here is the yaml I am using for my device

  name: gpio-controller
  friendly_name: GPIO CONTROLLER

  board: esp12e

# Enable logging

# Enable Home Assistant API
    key: "kcLTiNk7OI/luTakXvR4IO/oOAHnkX/zyzQdypQcASc="

  password: "17cecc2f5b818aad42b8fe42bcdb749f"

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password

  # Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "Gpio-Controller Fallback Hotspot"
    password: "XZbI0wpIcpso"

  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO5
    id: Gpio_D0


Sorry to say, but you’re not making sense at all. What is it, that you want to know, what is your question?

You might want to take the time to read the forum instructions, and then edit your post.

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Sorry mate, was losing my mind a bit.
I had my yaml above. I could successfully find my device.
I am expecting the “Gpio_D0” Entity in the device config, but there is only the “Firmware” entity.

Ah, now i know what you mean. No, the “id” you give is only used during on that ESP internally. It won’t show in HA.

If you want to “see” it in HA, you need to setup a senor or whatever fits your needs, eg. a template sensor:

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Yes, I successfully create a template_sensor, which appeared in HA.
And then I created a binary_sensor. But that binary_sensor still didn’t pop up on HA.
Besides, I wanted to output the signal in my GPIO instead of reading it… Do you know what template should I use?

INFO Upload took 5.60 seconds, waiting for result...
INFO OTA successful
INFO Successfully uploaded program.
INFO Starting log output from using esphome API
INFO Successfully connected to gpio-controller @ in 19.671s
INFO Successful handshake with gpio-controller @ in 2.693s
[19:38:29][I][app:100]: ESPHome version 2024.5.5 compiled on Jun 15 2024, 19:37:55
[19:38:29][C][wifi:580]: WiFi:
[19:38:29][C][wifi:408]:   Local MAC: 3C:61:05:FD:70:27
[19:38:29][C][wifi:413]:   SSID: [redacted]
[19:38:29][C][wifi:416]:   IP Address:
[19:38:29][C][wifi:419]:   BSSID: [redacted]
[19:38:29][C][wifi:421]:   Hostname: 'gpio-controller'
[19:38:29][C][wifi:423]:   Signal strength: -72 dB ▂▄▆█
[19:38:29][C][wifi:427]:   Channel: 3
[19:38:29][C][wifi:428]:   Subnet:
[19:38:29][C][wifi:429]:   Gateway:
[19:38:29][C][wifi:430]:   DNS1:
[19:38:29][C][wifi:431]:   DNS2:
[19:38:29][C][logger:185]: Logger:
[19:38:29][C][logger:186]:   Level: DEBUG
[19:38:29][C][logger:188]:   Log Baud Rate: 115200
[19:38:29][C][logger:189]:   Hardware UART: UART0
[19:38:29][C][switch.gpio:068]: GPIO Switch 'Gpio_D0'
[19:38:29][C][switch.gpio:090]:   Restore Mode: always OFF
[19:38:29][C][switch.gpio:031]:   Pin: GPIO5
[19:38:29][C][gpio.binary_sensor:015]: GPIO Binary Sensor 'Gpio_D0_Sensor'
[19:38:29][C][gpio.binary_sensor:016]:   Pin: GPIO4
[19:38:29][C][captive_portal:088]: Captive Portal:
[19:38:29][C][mdns:115]: mDNS:
[19:38:29][C][mdns:116]:   Hostname: gpio-controller
[19:38:29][C][ota:096]: Over-The-Air Updates:
[19:38:29][C][ota:097]:   Address: gpio-controller.local:8266
[19:38:29][C][ota:100]:   Using Password.
[19:38:29][C][ota:103]:   OTA version: 2.
[19:38:29][C][api:139]: API Server:
[19:38:29][C][api:140]:   Address: gpio-controller.local:6053
[19:38:29][C][api:142]:   Using noise encryption: YES
[19:43:14][I][ota:117]: Boot seems successful, resetting boot loop counter.

I found out why. I was missing the name attribute. :dotted_line_face: