Entity not available: media_player

Dear Community,

I need you help. I am new with Hassio and I have an issue that I cannot solve. I have added an yamaha musiccast receiver using the strings:

  • platform: yamaha_musiccast
    host: 192.168.xx.xx

It is working well, everything is fine. The problem is when I turn on the yamaha receiver when Hassio is running. In fact, Hassio cannot detect the receiver by itself. The only way I found is restart Hassio, leaving the yamaha receiver on.
The solution that I found is annoying me, as I do not want restart Hassio to detect the yamaha receiver. Is there some automation, string in configuration.yaml or something else that I can do to avoid to restart Hassio?
Thank you in advance for your support.

Please see the sticky post for how to format configuration blocks (and other important things).

I had a look at the forum, but his time I have not found any answer. I found similar issues, but at the end no solution. I really do not know what to do.

Same problem here, with a Samsung Tizen TV. I use HACS Integration.
All is working till the TV is on when HA is rebooting.
But if I have to reboot HA (for any reason) while the TV is off, this will remain not available for ever (till next HA restart) 'cause the media_player entity will not be created. Is there a way to force creation of media_player entity even if it is not available? (I’m not sure this will solve the problem, though)

Hi, I don’t see SamsungTizen on HACS anymore.
do you see it?

Yep, but I’m still on HA 0.110.4