Envisalink EVL-4 - Zones randomly opening and closing

I posted earlier in this thread, but wanted to bump up a mention that the same issue affects DSC panels as well.

Hi all and particularly @sah

I have opened a case on Github for this, and the developer is willing to look at this. He is asking for debug logs. Here is the thread. It would be great for others to provide additional logs to help him identify the issue.


Check out this post to get the proper logging settings:

Thanks Jay. It is pouring rain here in Northern California. As soon as I can open some windows and doors I will provide logs.

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They are reworking the HA Envisalink add-in and are looking for testers. The more people who participate the better, and I think that this is the best place to get this issue addressed.

Sorry for the silly question. I was able to add the logging entries into my config.yaml no problem except that it started filling my hard drive. Can you please tell me which logs to grab and how to send them in?

Disregard my previous message.


Wondering if anyone has started testing the new integration as I am having similar issues and have a Honeywell alarm with EVL3. Wanted to see if it fixes the issue.

Yes! Please go to the GitHub link above. It is actively being worked on including the flapping issue.

For the people who have been testing the new integration, has it stopped the flapping?

Not stopped entirely yet but GREATLY improved!!! I didn’t see a single flap until I had 6 or more windows / doors open.

I came from HomeSeer with Envisalink on a DSC panel and it worked flawlessly, so it is possible.

I though my sensors were playing up ever since I went to Home Assistant. I replaced batteries, sensors but was still seeing the same flapping behaviour, once opened it will close, then open again by itself then shortly after close.

The exact same behaviour you folks are reporting. Glad I found this thread, hope the new version solves this as I rely on my DSC integration pretty heavily.

The HACS integration seems to have resolved the random status. Any plans on migrating this back into Core?