Error when logging in after installation on Hyper-V

Hi all!
I installed HAOS according to the instructions, downloading the image from the official website. When logging in, it gives the following error - see screenshot and log.
What is the problem?
Thank you.

Does the VM have internet access? Does it use a different DNS server then standard?
From the look of your screenshot it cannot resolve the host correctly.

This is the first time I’ve installed HAOS… How to check Internet access? Could this be due to the Windows firewall?

Without any extra info i have to guess what u did in the VM for example.
Stating that u used the “official” image does not help as well, as there are different versions and install methods.
Also how did you configure the VM on HyperV? How did you configure the network for the VM?

Windows Firewall will not be the issue unless you somehow blocked all outgoing traffic.

From HyperV open the VM you made and open the terminal, can u ping for example from the VM? Or even