ESP does not detect input signal

Strating out with a simple (and easy – I thought), I connected configured P25 as Input PullDown, and a connected reed contact connected to 3V3 and P25.
With a volt meter the P25 goes “high” when the reed contact is activated. However, the debugger in NodeRED does not register the shift from low to high. It’s constantly reporting “off”

 - platform: gpio
     number: 25                # Input pin
     mode:                     # Input config
       input: true             # Configure as input
       pulldown: true          # Config internal pull-down resistor
   name: "GaragePort Open"
   device_class: garage_door   

Are there anyone in here, whom able to see what I am doing wrong?

Couple of users are… :wink:

Only the ones with the crystal ball :crystal_ball: but theses people are usully busy with other things :man_shrugging:

Do you mind sharing the minimum necessary information described in How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question? This should include the YAML of your esphome node and some LOGS of your esphome node when you toggle the reed switch :bulb:

As a side note already: You don’t want to debug such things on remote systems but first and foremost on the esphome node itself - the ota logging makes such things a treat. When you know that it works you can go further down the road and invest time in mqtt/node-red debugging and such :point_up:

Hi @orange-assistant

Thank you for your guidance. Having just strated with the ESP32, I’ll seek to catch up fast.


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