ESP Home Error Message

I keep getting a error when trying to upload or update any ESP32 (see screen shot below) does anyone have any ideas how to fix, I’m already on the latest versions of both but stIll no different.

Latest is not a version.

A screenshot is not a log.

Try searching google for the the error message. I would, but I can’t copy text from a screenshot.

ESP Home Version. 22.12.5

Error Message

sh: 1: xtensa-esp32-elf-g++: not found
*** [/data/interface/.pioenvs/interface/src/esphome/components/adc/adc_sensor.cpp.o] Error 127

I have tried Googling and people have said that with the December update it resolved there issues, but there has been no change for me since that update.

Has this previously been a working ESP32? I presume you’ve changed some of the sensors attached and need to now go back to the main ESPHome screen, tap on the 3-dot menu next to your “interface” device and choose “Clean build files”.

In addition, include your specific version, because you say “latest” but there’s been several releases the last couple of days. Include what you’re trying to attach to it, as well as your relevant yaml file details too.

Yeah it was working fine, i get the same message on all my ESP32 I’ve only changed the name of a input in my Yaml, even the ones that have had no change and require “Updateing” get the same error. If I create a new file and try and compile even the simplest code I get the same error.

Note that there is a new addon for ESPHome, it won’t automatically update, must be done manually

The current version is 2022.12.3 :wink:
Even 2022.12.6 now.