Esp32 cam ov2640

good evening I have a problem with an esp32 cam. the cam is an ov2640 module and the esp32-s but I can’t see anything if it hasn’t commanded the led. Does anyone have this cam module and can you give me an example of code?

Have you tried one of these?

ESP32 Camera Component — ESPHome

i have tried all the sample templates but none work

You don’t give much any information about which module that could be :man_shrugging:

So you are aware that there is a lot of different modules :thinking:

Maybe start reading here :point_down:

And then try to ask a good question with as much useful information you can deliver :ok_hand:

mine was just a question, I know very well that it is not a help desk. I have tried all the examples but none work I can only control the flash I have looked at there are many cam modules and all of the examples are different from mine. now I have ordered other modules when they arrive I do other tests. Thank you