Esp32 + DHT22+Esphone in HA integration

I am very new to HA, and grappling with getting my input sensors such as DHT 22 to work.i have esp32 added to esphone but can’t get the DHT 22 physically connected to the esp32 board visible as an entity. If add the dht 22 to esp32 yaml, it screws the esp32 and it will show offline. I need practical step by step how to access sensors connected to esp32 board.

As ever if you don’t supply the info you will not get a decent response.

You will need to show us your yaml config, wiring diagram etc, and no doubt it will be easy to fix.

To be fair, they asked for a “practical step by step how to”. That video should sort them out.

Thanks for the quick responses. I will watch the video and try again. If I fail I will post the yaml and wiring. Once again, thanks.

Thanks once again, the video was helpful