Esp8266 ans dzVents script (from domoticz) to homeassistant


I’ve sold difficulties to understand how to use esphome…

I want to upload the script but I’ve every time a Errno 11

Both esp I need to add are on espeasy and already fixed on material… it’s because of espeasy that upload didn’t work? What i need to do?

Also, I’ve scripts from domoticz that I want to add to have on/off button enable for my two esp assembly. Is it simple to add it?

Thanks for your help!

Edit : I try to download binary to try a esphome flasher but it’s gray and didn’t download…

Somebody is here? I need help please

Somebody is here? I need help please

I think the problem is that you are not making a lot of sense to people.

I think you are trying to upload an esphome binary to a device with espeasy on it? Is that so?

I just think that, even with ESPEasy on it, esphome car overwrite it to install esphome, no? I don’t need espeasy if esphome work well, but I don’t understand why it does’nt work :s

I am not aware of any reason why espeasy would stop you uploading and esphome firmware.

You provide no logs, no esphome yaml code, no info about the version of esphome you are using, no info about what chip you are uploading to.

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