Esp8266 D1 LED strip not working

I’m using a D1 with Esphome to control the temp of my beverage cooler. Want to add Led strip in fridge using the same ESP D1. When installing it says that fast led is not compatible with latest firmware.
LED strip ws2812b

Please help

That very same documentation suggests using this NeoPixelBus Light — ESPHome

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Beside the use of neopixel, you can also use and older version of the arduino library, as suggested in the documentation FastLED Light — ESPHome

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Can I use Neopixel with Esphome on same board?

Can you please tell me how to do it. Google does not give me the answer

And it also says you directly what you can do about it - no?

Did you bother at all to read the documentation found under :question:

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RTFM, it’s demonstrated in the pink block on the documentation page I posted😀

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Yep I did read it but can not figure out how to downgrade

I’m very new to this

Yep, but please remember what’s basic for you might be very difficult for someone else.
It mention to downgrade

version: 2.7.4

But how?

Or use Neopixel : it’s not compatible with my LED strip.

Are you referring to this
version: 2.7.4

What do I do with it

Maybe you want to learn the basics first then?

Here are some links you might wanna read to get an idea how the system ticks you try to work with:

And then (if you still have questions) you might want to try to ask a good question and using code tags like described here: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

You have to add:

    version: 2.7.4

to the esp8266: section of your yaml, compile it and upload the new created firmware bin file to your ESP8266 through serial or OTA update.

Thanks, works 100%
I just did not know where to add it.

reading the documentation really would have helped you to find that out yourself.

If you would have (for example) browsed that site here: ESP8266 Platform — ESPHome


You would have had the right code block literally on top of the page after one sentence :point_up_2:

on the other hand the FastLED Light — ESPHome docs were also linked which even tell you that in big fat red box :point_down:


What else would be needed that would take the 3 minutes to read the documentation @Slaaiblaar?


Hello All!
i tried to add this row multiple times

  board: d1_mini
    version: 2.7.4

, but when installing:

Platform Manager: Installing platformio/espressif8266 @ 2.6.3
Error: Please upgrade to the PlatformIO Core 6

I tried to find any documentation about it on ESPHome but didn’t found.

The problem with NeoPixelBus Light is that it’s not compatible with WS2812B, only with WS2812

Do you have any idea how to solve this? Instead of buying new ledstrips?
Thank you!
Best: Peter