ESP8266 weird wifi issues

Thank you.
I tested with setting the bssid of the closest AP and, unfortunately, it continues to spend most of the time in an unavailable state. I have one more idea, I’ll test it this week-end and report here.

did you disable mdns?

another thing you can try is to set the channel to use and fix it on your api (avoiding auto settings)

which is the wifi signal level you have?

I would also try to run a wireshark acquisition (45-60mins is fine) and see if you have a lot of broadcasting across your network

Nope, I did not disable mdns. I’ll test.
Unfortunately, I cannot set the channel on the AP, it manages dynamically the channels for managing the wifi mesh and networks.
I’ll see with Wireshark if disabling mdns does not help.
Thank you.

Just wanted to chime in here. I have about 11 of the ESP8266 boards and 2 of the ESP8285 (which to my understanding is the 8266 with more memory) all in the magichome led controllers, and have had no issues with wifi. I run a mesh style wifi network except all the APs are hard wired not connecting to each other via wifi. Ssids are the same for both 2.4 and 5ghz and are set to auto channel. The only setting that I have disabled or changed which was affecting my lifx bulbs was airtime fairness. It kept disconnecting the bulbs. From what I’ve read, it basically makes some devices that don’t support the feature think it doesn’t have a wifi connection and it drops. Check that setting.

FWIW, I recently chased a mystery problem like this, using all the usual networking/power tests and solutions, and nothing seemed to matter.
I noticed that the ESP was located near (within an inch or so) of a very strong magnet which was holding its case to a steel surface. The magnetic field made it behave very erratically with respect to connectivity.
Once I removed it from the vicinity of the magnet, it was perfectly normal and reliable.
A lesson I hope not to forget, next time something totally inexplicable happens.