ESPHome BLE tracking Mi Band 4 - Working

I am running latest version of Mi fit with a Mi band 4 and I still have that option.

hello and what server are you connected to and which version do you have me band 4 China or Eu? I have the European version and I am connected to the European server and there is no such option :pleading_face:

I believe I have an EU mi band (at least judging by what the seller told me) and I am running Mi Fit 4.0.14 from the Google Play store, so I suppose this is also the EU version.

Do you know about the Notify & Fitness App? It is a good app, and it also has an option to make discoverable (under ‘Tools’). Maybe that could work for you? You can also check your hardware version and do a ton of other stuff.

Mine is V0.25.17.5 Global version and I see discoverable in My Fit App. I’m not sure what server I’m connected to (how do you check?).

hello thanks super everything works in this additional application you can enable this option


What’s the range for the esp32 — xiaomi band 4 combo, may I ask ?

I don’t know but you might want to look in to bluetooth 5.0 specs if a long detection range is important to you. The Mi Band has it, and I think you can now get esp32s with it. This appears to significantly improve range. I believe that bluetooth penetrates/is blocked by walls etc in a similar level to WiFi. The rssi value can also used to shorten the detection range (I haven’t tested).

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Was anyone able to get the Mi Band 5 working? Specifically with a rp4

Works the same way if it has a static BT address

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Mi Band 6 working fine!

Redmi Smart band pro working;)

Lost my Mi Band 6 and thought I’d give this one with a bigger screen a go.

Edit: Hmmmm… Can’t make it discoverable via usual methods. So it won’t broadcast of it’s connected to your phone (which it needs to be for notifications etc).

It only seems to broadcast if I turn off my phone’s bluetooth.

So not really so useful ATM.