ESPHome ESP32 Led Strip Controller

Hi Aldiy, you’re using addressable LEDs, I have no experience with that, only read a few articles online.
As far as I understand, you would not need a MOSFET in this case because the power provided to these LEDs should be constant. The control of colors and intensity is provided by the data pin, not by the power pins.
Sorry, I cant help much here, as I would probably induce you to errors.

Hi wagnerf , No need to be sorry , your kind reply is more then enough .Thx

Hi Aldiy

What you are looking for is the neopixelbus solution or fastled in ESPhome.

I don’t use it myself, I use Wled instead for all my adressable LED’s. Wled also has a homeassistant integration.

Only downside, it runs on a dedicated ESP8266/32 You can’t use it for anything else

Hi , I real life I only use wled on 4 esp32s all connected to WS2812B

I have tested esp32 with fastled and neopixlbus vi HA esphome before
and i thought it is kinda primitive unless you want too many sensors

Hi Wagnerf,

I am using a single colour SMD5050 am I right in thinking I would only need one Mosfet IRF540?


Yes, you’re right, Elle.

I designed my own board. esp32 magic home . but i am looking for code for esp32

@Loay, Based on which esp32 module? How do you initially program the module?

Great suggestion. I will use the same for dimming my led strips.
On the ESP32 side it should be connected to VCC and GND in all four channels? Thank you!

This is so nice! In my case, at this time I’ve been having an incredibly hard time finding a ready-made controller I know to use the ESP32, so I’m starting to think I may have no other choice but to DIY it (if you know of one that supports wifi and rgbw/cct, please share, I’d rather buy than make).

In any case, since the spec shown here seems to be RGB, is there anything special I need to do for the W? :slight_smile: It looks like I just need to use the next free pin over and then specify it in the yaml, right?

just use the WLED with ESP32. plain and simple.

for 12V nonaddressable led check out this video