ESPHome Ethernet connectivity feature request

English please.


I have received some WT32-ETH01 boards today and trying to get them up and running with ESPHome and HA.

At the very top of the YAML there is an entry for ‘board:’

What board type have others specified here for their WT32-ETH01s?



I am using

board: esp-wrover-kit

This works fine. :grinning:

Ok cool, thanks.

So my YAML starts like this:

  name: watercontrols
  platform: ESP32
  board: esp-wrover-kit

  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO23
  mdio_pin: GPIO18
  clk_mode: GPIO0_IN
  phy_addr: 1
  power_pin: GPIO16


# Enable logging

But it complains…


If i add a wifi component in it also complains that Wifi cant be used with Ethernet :frowning:

Any suggestions?



I found my problem - i just needed to delete:


I haven’t actually been able to control anything yet but making progress!



Are you usinig the WT32-01 board? It does not use the WROVER module and some of the GPIO do not match.

Currently ESPHOME can’t support this module because nobody has created a platformIO profile for it.

I have ESPHome working w/ this module, but most of the GPIO labels are “off”.

If i look at the pin out for the ESP32 module on the WT32:

(page. 20)

Compared to the pinout for the esp-wrover-kit:

You can see that things don’t quite match up. I’m trying to do it manually, but it’s error-prone and time consuming.

Tasmota has support for the module, but I don’t know how to map the templates back to the actual GPIO labels on the board / ESP32 module. If i knew this, then it would be possible to build a “look up table” so you can use the board: esp-wrover-kit w/ ESPhome while a proper module is built.

EDIT Actually, it does appear that the GPIO from the wt32-01 and the esp-wrover-kit match pretty closely… at least for my purposes. However there’s still some odd behavior; the WT32 module has a pin labeled GPIO1 but it appears to not be connected to any of the pins on the ESP32 module. Likewise, GPIO3 seems to be always high and i can’t seem to control it.

So the esp-wrover-kit will work with ESPHome, but it’s not a proper/complete solution.


can you point the GPIOs that you know that are correct?

I needed 6 pins, all used as outputs.

Was able to confirm that these work:

  OUT_red: "GPIO15"
  OUT_orange: "GPIO14"
  OUT_green: "GPIO12"
  OUT_blue: "GPIO04"
  OUT_white: "GPIO02"
  OUT_extra: "GPIO33"

Which i am using like this:

  - id: out_red
    platform: gpio
      # GPIO15
      number: ${OUT_red}

I have some WT32-ETH01 boards here as well and after some trouble with the IOs and the RX/TX Pins I can add to your findings that GPIO32 (labeled as CFG) is working as well as an esp-wrover-kit board. The official data sheet seems to be correct but I have trouble with the top left EN Pin, I have to use Pin 4 on the left (the second EN) for flashing. I didn’t test if some of the pins only support output as they state in the datasheet.

So does the WT32-ETH01 work with esphome? Want to use it as an irrigation controller. If so, what pins do i need to use in order to flash it (is there a step by step) and does it take the same code as an esp32?

This thread would indicate it does.

Yes, it does. I’ve not seen a step-by-step. when i have a minute (over the weekend, probably) i’ll dig out the settings that i used.

Why not propose a change to the docs?

This would be great if you could post the settings you used! I have a couple of these but I haven’t done anything with them yet b/c I haven’t figured out how to set them up yet with ESPHome.

As a side note I did find this: Ethernet Component — ESPHome
Which lists the WT32-ETH01’s ethernet settings, but I’m still stuck on the initial setup of which board to use (looks like wrover) and what settings to use to set it up with that board in the settings.

It probably doesn’t matter too much as long as it has the same memory (ram and flash).

Had anyone tried these with the rover driver? Do they work?

It is the docs! Ethernet Component — ESPHome

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Oops! Thanks for the pointer!

What are these ‘docs’ you speak of? :wink: :rofl:


Can you please explain how to make the WT32-ETH01 work with esphome?

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