ESPhome without wifi?

Hello. I would like to use esphome sensor in environment where is no wifi. It communicates only over SMS. How do I configure wifi component? I know it is mandatory, but when I enter invalid SSID or password, sensor does not proceed to GSM initialization and only restarts wifi in a loop.

The only way you can use ESPHome without wifi is by using one of the supported Ethernet boards. Not sure what happened if they don’t get a connection via that method though.

Maybe just by using the ap mode?

other option is to use this pr (merged in esphome dev) which allows to enable/disable wifi

I have never tried it, but what about ESP NOW?

Disable the reboot_timeout

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I always forget about that option.

Why not use an Arduino board then? Or is there a specific reason to use ESP board?

The biggest problem with the arduino boards is they don’t run ESPHome :put_litter_in_its_place:


I solved it. Thought the wifi component is mandatory, but it is not. So I have removed it from yaml.

I’m thinking of running without wifi and connecting via ISB only. Any idea how to do it?