Examples, please

I’m looking for some simple, real examples on how to use the IOS component / iPhone app. If you have something working in your own personal GitHub, please include a link. I tried to find Robbie’s (the iOS app creator) but couldn’t.

Some examples:

  • receive a notification on a specific phone. I’ve read the HA documentation but I didn’t see anywhere on how to fully setup notifications to specific device.
  • actionable notifications and get video streams from ip cameras.


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Literally working on updating docs right this second :slight_smile:

Instead of notify.iOSApp you should be sending to notify.ios_<device_id>. The device_id is what you have set in the iOS app settings, and can also be found in the ios.conf file found in your Home Assistant configuration directory.

As for camera notifications, are you saying that these docs didn’t help?

Docs should be up within 30.


Just merged the docs PR, give it 10-20 minutes to deploy. Watch here for progress if you’re eager!.

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First, thanks for this app. I didn’t know what to expect and I’m excited to try it after reading the docs.

I added “ios:” to my configuration.yaml, setup a notification, setup the app on my phone (notifications only as device tracking freezes and crashes the app) and then restarted HA. I only get this in my ha log:

17-04-16 22:02:23 ERROR (Thread-3) [homeassistant.components.notify.ios] The notify.ios platform was loaded but no devices exist! Please check the documentation at https://home-assistant.io/ecosystem/ios/notifications/ for more information
17-04-16 22:02:23 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.notify] Failed to initialize notification service ios

I also don’t see an iOS.conf file getting created.

Did you update to 0.42.4 which is now required? That should fix this issue.

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Will do - was on 0.42.2

WORKS! Got my data template notification:

      - service: notify.ios_jesses_iphone_7_plus
          message: >-
            {{ trigger.to_state.attributes.friendly_name }} {{ trigger.to_state.state }}
              badge: 5

I’ll fool around with this more during the week. I also look forward to the documentation (ex. I don’t know the difference between badge 5 vs any other badge number).

The badge is the red circled number thats on the app icon.


Would anybody be able to advise if you can use iOS notifications and location tracking whilst away from home if home assistant is connected to the internet but not accessible outside of the local network?

Notifications would work. But location tracking requires access to HA from your Iphone.

Hi all, bit unclear if I need to declare iOS as a notify service. If yes, do I then add multiple ‘targets’

  - name: iOSApp
    platform: ios
    target: !secret ios_robins_iphone

where ios_robins_iphone is the push token in the iOS app.

in an automation:

    service: notify.ios_robins_iphone

I seem to have a vast number of services available, so perhaps I have duplicated them:

Its one service per target device. You can make a notify group if you want to send to a group of notify services.

I had the same problem with multiple notify services. see here.

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OK great, took a couple of restarts to remove the duplicates but now have:

not sure why I have the third ios_iphone however…?

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