Exceedign maximum firmware size in new ESPHome version

I updated ESPHOME to 2022.12 and wanted to upgrade my devices. However one of them can’t compile and generates the error:
Error: The program size (1874625 bytes) is greater than maximum allowed (1835008 bytes)

On ESPHome version 2022.10.2 the YAML compiled just fine.
I wonder whether the issue is due to the changes in the flash partition table in version 2022.12? I understand those are for the bluetooth proxy and I am using that.
Is there a way I could solve this issue?

Here’s the logs:

Linking /data/kamerlo/.pioenvs/kamerlo/firmware.elf
Error: The program size (1874625 bytes) is greater than maximum allowed (1835008 bytes)
RAM:   [==        ]  18.6% (used 61000 bytes from 327680 bytes)
Flash: [==========]  102.2% (used 1874625 bytes from 1835008 bytes)
*** [checkprogsize] Explicit exit, status 1
========================= [FAILED] Took 399.23 seconds

How are you installing? OTA or serial wired?

If your device has more than 4MB of flash available it might be possible to expand the OTA partitions following this post:

Interesting suggestion! Unfortunately my device does not have more than 4MB flash.
I did find this post suggesting that I might be able to remove the eeprom and spiffs partitions but that would still not be enough for me.

What I did manager to do is to comment out less important sections of my code and now I get to 1792485 bytes which just fits onto the flash.

It’s a shame that I had to cut out functionalities like the logger, now I can no longer see the logs to figure out what’s going on, it’s a black box.

So if anybody has suggestions on what I could do to make the below YAML code take up less flash space so I can get the logger back that would be great.

Rather annoying that the new ESPHome version increases the overall flash size, but I guess it was necessary.

@nickrout the issue happens in all cases, whether I download it for installing using the flash tool or whether I do it OTA.