Expander Card

That’s the case for me too and I haven’t found a solution for it yet.

The Title Card also has a problem with card mod. For example, if you hide border and box shadow with card mod, then that works too. But when I edit the entire expander card again, the entire card mod settings for title card are gone and I have to reset them.

I’m starting to think I need to look for an alternative to the expander card.

If you haven’t changed from ALI’s Expander, that would be your first move ;), it is very unstable, and full of bugs, ! ( spencermarmer fixed most of these )
PS: Im not saying you get use to the Very Odd behavior in UI-Mode, it’s damn annoying, so i just avoid it, and use code-mode

@alexsaas Card-mod works fine in spacemarmer’s edition, for me, even colors/margins for the various elements , in both title-card (and other cards as "title-card:) Aswell for the Expander Cards it self
But you should ask these questions in some of the huge Card-Mod Topics

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@boheme61 Thanks for the tip! Then I’d better give the yet another expander card a chance. :wink:

Wait, do I have to do something different to get the Spencer version?

How do I get that version? Is it a different repository? It looked like the same link to me.

And also, if it’s not too much trouble, if card_mod is working for you, can you please tell me how to get the little chevron arrow to change color?

You click on the link, and then you read what it says, there are even links to other repositories/forks , and other valuable information ( Such as howto install it ) , othevice read Alia’s

It might look the same, but it’s different “Owner” ! ( For same reasons it’s doesn’t say that it is Alia5’s repository )

You go to HACS and paste in the Url, which ever you want

Most likely every repository have the information on how to install

This is Not a Card_Mod Topic, it’s a FeatureRequest, for unknown reasons

Ask in one of the huge Card_mod Topics

Or change it in your Theme, If you use dev-tools in ie FF, you notice it’s it defaults to the defined Theme color

color: red;

Mine is white btw, by default, doo to my Theme, and because i don’t use Apple Products :wink:

Yea I regret ever picking up an iPhone believe me lol I’m all PC and Linux besides my phone

I feel pretty stupid but no matter which fork I click on it’s the same link that comes up for me. I can’t figure this out .

Read above ! … You should try to read the Topics you interact in ALL of it

I’ve been reading. Ok I finally have it installed but it. Role everything. Saying it doesn’t exist in my phone and the original expander doesn’t exist now on my browser .

I’ve cleared cache several times

Reboot you HA Device

And this is the name now ! If you manage to install the correct Card

  • type: custom:yet-another-expander-card

PS: And you should really read this ( Take it slow, don’t skip lines or sections, even if you find it boring ) PLEASE ! ( As a Bonus You might get more answers to The Topics, and Questions you Post )

I know to reboot, and I’m trying to take my time and understand. Do they conflict with each other . Do I need to remove the old one?

Yes, you don’t want the Alia5 repos, Delete it

Btw, i noticed you previously had problems with “Clearing Cache”

When you click the clear cache, you normally get “Options” such as tickboxes And Time.
Again, take your time to read, if your in doubt, tick/mark all boxes, and Chose … Clear All, Not last hour, not last 2 hour, Not Today … ALL

@image969 Try the version/fork of clarinetJWD, like I did. Because the chevron is not blue, but in the primary text color. Also on iPhone/iOS.

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But the problem caused by the refreshing bug when using card_mod to remove the border from the title card, for example, still exists:

After any subsequent changes, even in yaml mode, of the entire card, the card_mod modifications of the title card will be lost and you will have to set them again.

Hi. I’ll come back to this topic and just want to tell you for the sake of completeness that I have now also uninstalled the (yet-another-)expander-card in frustration.

All the bugs [constant refreshes in UI mode and lost (card_mod)-styling settings after every subsequent editing of the card] and what I only noticed afterwards that the card unfortunately can’t cope with overflow-x: scroll, made me do it.

I’m just only using the:
GitHub - thomasloven/lovelace-fold-entity-row: :small_blue_diamond: A foldable row for entities card, containing other rows
and I’m very happy with it.
Small hack: with custom:stack-in-card or Thomas’ own custom:hui-element, you can also use the fold-entity-row outside of entities-card. Although the author says you should “only” use them in the entities-card. But it also works for me with this trick.


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

I uninstalled all expander cards as well, all of them aren’t working reliable and I don’t have the time (and will) to debug.

What I’m trying at the moment is to use an auto-entities-card together with an input_helper. If I enable the input_helper, I let auto-entities show the content. It’s not really a workaround, but it works ok for the time being.

What I still don’t get, why we don’t have an expander-card in core already? On the other hand, seeing how complicated this card seems to be… :laughing:

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Really weird, isn’t it? It must be really complicated to make such a card. It would be really great if something like this were standard in Home Assistant.

As I said, fold-entity-row is a good alternative for me.


Yes i also use fold-entity-row, some places
Thou i dont have constant refreshes, when using the code-editor mode, in “yet-another-expander”.

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You can try this repo.
More discussion here: Expander (Collapsible) Card - #82 by MelleD