Explain what Configuration > General > Reload Core means

I have been trying to figure out what this means. When you click to reload core I can’t tell that it does anything. I’m sure it does something but I don’t know what. I expected it to reload my main configuration.yaml file, but it doesn’t. At least not the parts that I have ever changed. Any explanation is welcome. Then I can update the documentation.

Please vote if you are also confused by this button.

I was going to ask the same!

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It looks as if reload core will reload customizations that have been edited.

If this is true, that reload core actually just reloads customizations, then there are a few more questions. Does it just load the customize.yaml file, or does it load custom_components as well? if it’s just customize.yaml, can we change the name from “reload core” to “reload customizations”?

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Since I finally figured out what “reload core” actually does I’ve thought the same thing. That would make much more sense.

In addition, can we get an actual “Reload Config” button that reloads the entirety of the configuration without waiting for an full HASS restart? or is there some technical reason this is not possible?

I have seen other thread from 2016 discussion on more or less the same topic. Now, 5 years later, we still have to restart whole server if we manually change configuration.yaml. Not very convenient, I loose state of all my low power sleeping sensors and have to wait whole day until they update again. Any plans for change?