Export logs to a remote syslog

I think as any system running in a network, Hassio should support the possibility to send all logs and data to a remote syslog.
As I understand, today hassio only supports a local syslog, which is really not sufficient enough.

I think Hassio should support a remote syslog server, both for normal OS logs but also authentication and all logs of what happens in the system.
This means this option needs to support all logs events that are in the system.

  • This could very well be an add-on that supports sending the data to a remote server using the standardized formats for syslog events.

I totally agree. The syslog component should be able to send logs to a remote syslog server. Just specify the IP and go!

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Preferably also some settings like, what kind of logs do you want to send :slight_smile:
It might be alot if you want to send every single log event and maybe you are only interrested in the administrative logs.
And of course, if you send logs, and you change theese settings, thats also a log entry that should be sent.

Need access to rsyslog or a way to send logs to a syslog server. I would like to use graylog for advanced troubleshooting.

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I know this isn’t the same as full remote syslog, but I found a way to send notifications into syslog via netcat.

  - name: syslog
    platform: command_line
    command: "nc -u 514 -w 1"
service: notify.syslog
  message: <14>this is a test
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I would also love this function. Much better to get alerts when something is wrong in HA.

Although it probably doesn’t cover all use-cases mentioned above, I just want to let you know that I created a Logspout add-on some time ago which can be used to send the container logs to rsyslog or some other log management system.

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