External access stopped working since upgrade

Did you read the breaking changes ? I had to add this user the http: section in configuration.yaml

  use_x_forwarded_for: true    


You have/use 2 proxies?

Thanks, I think this is the information I am looking for. I did not realise my reverse proxy was misconfigured… until now. Thanks for the pointer.

The proxy is on a separate pc, with ethernet and wifi interface :slight_smile:

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I gather that the trusted proxy ip address for the ‘official’ ngnix proxy Manager add-on will be the same as the ip address the home assistant server is running on. So that will be:

  use_x_forwarded_for: true    
    - <= homeassistant.server.ip.address

Does that sound right?

No, does not work.

See this topic :

In my case it was. Is your proxy on the HA machine? Did you also configure the proxy to pass through the real IP address?

Thanks for your feedback.

I’ve set up the Nginx Proxy Manager from the home assistant add on store.

Is your proxy on the HA machine?

Yes, installed via the add on store.

Did you also configure the proxy to pass through the real IP address?

Yes, was working prior to the update. Setup via the add-on GUI

Here is my configuration.yaml entry (referencing this thread).

  use_x_forwarded_for: true    

Tried with and without the server_host entry. Doesn’t work.

Hi, check the log for the right proxy ip!

You mean the ngnix log? What am I looking for exactly?

OK, I was looking in the Ngnix Log, but I think I’ve found it in the Home Assistant log.

Thought I’d found it, but I am still unable to connect. Now I can’t find it in the log.

Yes, in the HA log.

Thanks, yes I used that address. It is now working. Thanks for that.

That’s great. :slight_smile:

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For anyone else struggling with this issue:

  • Open your HA log (/config/home-assistant.log)
  • Search for “untrusted proxy”
    Should be a line like this:
2021-07-10 22:26:04 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.forwarded] Received X-Forwarded-For header from an untrusted proxy
  • In the HTTP section of your config file, make sure you have use_x_forwarded_for:true and add the address found in the previous step (yes, it may be some strange IP you’ve never seen before) to trusted_proxies entry like so:
  use_x_forwarded_for: true
    - ::1
  • Reboot / restart HA
  • Start NGinx Proxy Manager add-on if it didn’t automatically start
  • It should be working now

Great tip. For me, finding the right IP too use was the most difficult part. Would be handy if the Nginx proxy manager add-on displayed its IP address, that would have made it easier.

BTW, what is the ::1 for? My configuration worked without it.

the IPv6 equivalent of
Portainer will show the docker container IP address and there are bound to be multiple other ways as well.

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Hello everyone, I am using the NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy add-on and I am still having this issue.

I added the http settings to the configuration file.

Do I still need to do port forwarding to my pi? if so what would be the ports?

I have been trying a lot of combinations and nothing seems to work :confused:

Port forwarding from router to pi on 443
Forward in nginx 443 to 8123

Thanks for the response!

yeap that is what I have but on the external duckdns url I get error 400 (Bad request ):

400: Bad Request

and on the HA logs I see:

Received X-Forwarded-For header from an untrusted proxy

But I already listed that IP under trusted_proxies

Did you restart HA after adding

to the trusted proxies ?