Feature request: block supervisor auto-updates

+1 on this… I actually had no idea the Supervisor auto-updated until just recently, when I was trying to figure out why I was having random Home Assistant restarts. Turns out, there had been a few Supervisor updates in short succession and I finally tabbed that as the culprit after checking the logs. It would be nice to be able to update on my timetable like we can with HassOS and Home Assistant itself.

I’m considering a router firewall block.

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I guess it could easily be blocked with something like pi hole also.

Still it seems far better to have the option of auto-updates enabled or disabled in the UI.

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Case in point, my supervisor just now updated to 162 in the middle of the day meaning HASS restarted. At the very least, it would be nice if the update happened at a specific time of day.

Also leads to issues such as this one where an error shows up in the logs that is totally harmless and due to the Supervisor update but is treated like a problem when we don’t realize it’s because Supervisor is updating automatically:

Block these and there will be no updates for anything because it won’t be able to check for them:

You would also want to turn off auto-update for each addon.

You may find yourself in a situation where an update for an addon depends on an update to the supervisor or HA, or an HA update breaks because the supervisor wasn’t updated…there are several possible combinations here, so be mindful.

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Just chiming in after the recent 180 / DNS issues.
All of the add-ons have the ability to turn off automatic updates, so IMHO this feature request is just making the supervisor updates follow the same concept.
I want to control my home - that includes the software too :wink:
Perhaps the idea is to ensure that users don’t start raising tickets on conflicts with outdated components, but that can be managed… and would possibly cause less trauma to the Devs when sudden updates cause chaos :slight_smile:

As others have implied, I think most users would perform updates, but when it suits them to have scheduled downtime.


I would add that as well that as hassio addons can have the ability to check the minimum required HA version, it wouldn’t be so hard that a HA upgrade checked the minimum supervisor version…


I didn’t see this original request and created another one ([supervisor] option for disabling auto-updates - #9 by frenck). Now that it’s closed I’m voicing my concern here instead.

The concern is that if you’re relying on HomeAssistant for important tasks or alerts when you’re not at home you’ll potentially loose control without being able to act/fix it. For instance if you’re on vacation or just left for work when the update starts.

I suggest adding an option in the GUI for disabling automatic updates just like for hassio-addons. That way you could safely update when you’re in a position to fix it if any problems arise.

Here’s some examples of problems causing headache for a lot of people after the 207 update:

The suggestion to just block the URLs used for checking for updates is not ideal in the long run. Would like to hear the codeowners thoughts on the predicament, but I’m not sure if it’s ok to tag them here. This seems to be a reoccurring situation, so hopefully we’ll find a solution that works in the end.


Same here, my installation just broke because of the auto update. I didnt update anything for the past 6 months because it was working smoothly and I was not planning updates because I had all the functionality I wanted for my house…

yes please

Make this please, some updates broke my setup…

now we should block version.home-assistant.io since https://github.com/home-assistant/supervisor/pull/1161/files

You can. It’s a bad idea.

I dont think so :wink:
Since my HA isnt updating anymore i am very pleased and stress free.

I keep smiling whenever i see something like such Topics " [Home Assistant wanting to downgrade from]"
Remember dont fix ut till its broken.
Whenever i want to try an update i can - whenever i dont want it i can aswell.


Please implement this feature! :pensive:

Adding my agreement for needing this feature. My home is rock solid except for on a few recent occassions such as this morning when I wake up and nothing is working. Sure enough, an auto supervisor upgrade didn’t finish smoothly and broke my node-red integration. A reboot of the system worked, but this wouldn’t be necessary if supervisor was manually upgraded just like HASS itself. We do addon dependency checks for HA version, couldn’t the same be true for Supervisor version? @frenck

I’d really like to know why the development is reluctant to do this? I dont want to block URLs either becuase I’d prefer to see that updates are available and decide for myself if it’s worthwhile to upgrade or not.


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Workaround: How to stop supervisor auto-update?

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This will be more important now that they’ve dropped support for generic linux install. I want to freeze my supervisor and system on this version now.

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I posted some new information on this topic: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/how-to-stop-supervisor-auto-update/132271/18
Can’t paste the same information here because of the spamfilter.