Few Queries on Pi Installation of Supervised

I have a new Pi 4 and was looking at this table. I have been previously been running on Docker

I was interested on doing the Supervised Install so that i can do additional stuff on Pi. Few questions

  1. So my understanding is that difference between OS and supervised install is just the code OS component and minimalist setup? I get absolutely everything else like addon store etc? Just want to make sure on this.

  2. Looking at the Supervised Install options what OS is recommended? Debian 10 / Pi OS or Ubuntu? Want to start right :slight_smile: Happy to go either way based on experience from community on issues faced with any OS with HA. I am thinking Debian

  3. I know its unsupported as said but anything else I should be aware of?

If you install Supervised, you get the ability to run other software at an OS level, this can’t be done with the image based install. If everything you may want to install can be install via an add-on using HA OS image based install, then do that as it’s fully supported and made to be easy

Raspberry Pi OS.

You will need to keep your system up to date yourself, and won’t be able to ask for official support on Github. Community support only.

Follow this for Supervised on a Pi. Just substitute any reference of raspberrypi3 for rapsberrypi4.

That’s what I want the ability to do just in case…

Thanks will do that… I guess its debian based so should be able to install other linux packages easily … no need to go down the NOOBS path or the desktop path? just lite?

Yep that’s fine…

Lite is all you need. Don’t over-complicate things.