File size on HASSIO

I have Hassio on a VM (vmware). Is it possible to show the size of every file (system/hidden files also) in order to know why my VM is growing recklessly? I had to increase VM size from 32 to 48GB. And now I’m in the same condition.

Hassio db is 5 GB
Influxdb 80MB (but I cannot check without accessing file system)


Wow. You have a system that hasn’t had any updates for over two years?

That’s how long it has been since Hassio became Home Assistant OS.

Sorry, I have Home Assistant OS 7.6 and Core 2022.4.0

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ftp, samba or sftp access would let you check every file (each possible using Add-Ons from HA).

Not each file. E.g. I cannot access influxdb database file.

You’re assuming influxdb stores it’s data in a single file. It might have lots of small files, it does whatever it needs to do in it’s container.

You said influxdb is only 80mb so why is it relevant? You had to increase the size of the vm by 16gb and now are having to do it again. The 80mb addon isn’t the problem.

Do you have full backups? Full backups tell you the size of every piece in them you can partially restore. If one of the things in there is huge I would start there. If the backups aren’t big then i would look at your logs. And when I say logs here I don’t mean that file in /config. I mean your real logs, the system journal, see this guide for how to access it:

How big is that? Logs are something that can grow without bound if you have issues that you aren’t paying attention to.

You gave me a good way to start. The Backup!

I checked it and Influx db size is very big… about 8 GB unzipped. HA db is about 5 GB. If I sum up them with other folders I reach about 16GB of pure data (unzipped).

My journal folder is 4.1GB. Can I delete or purge that folder in such way?