Fill a lovelace graph with precipitation forecast curve

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Is it possible to show forecast data in a “history” graph?
There is a weater service wich provides a json array with the precipitation forecast in a 5 minute resolution. I know how to extract this data but i dont know how to display this data in the UI.
Is there a way to use the existing graph cards or do i have to tinker my own sollution?

The service is buienradar with data like this Sample JSON

Two years ago i had the same “problem” with FHEM

Here’s a rough card I made with buienradar data (Netherlands).

Would this work for you? If not I can try with a more generic (worldwide) dataset like darksky aswell.

  • this card uses chartjs to render a custom graph, I’d you can make a chart js graph from your data, you could just modify this card.
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