Filter "Already running" in logs

I have a lot of entries sounds “… Already running” in the logs. I know, which it means and from my configuration, it is fine, that the warning occurs. I don’t want (can, need, etc.) to resolve these warnings, but I want to filter them. From the logger docs I found out, that there is a built in filter function for such cases. In other cases and for other warnings, the filters work well, but not for the “… Already running” warnings.

Here is an example:

Logger: homeassistant.components.automation.firebase_update_raspi
Source: helpers/
Integration: Automatisierung (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 12:29:29 (29 occurrences)
Last logged: 15:24:29

Firebase Update Raspi: Already running


      - " *Already running"
      - " *Already*"
      - " *running"

The warning is not filtered in the log, so what is going on? Of course, I can use “homeassistant.components.automation.firebase_update_raspi” for the filter, but this is not, what I want (and what not needed reading the docs), since I would have to set the filter for all automations/scripts.

Do you have any idea?

Can you explain why you can’t adjust the automation?

In my view it’s not a good idea to filter something from the logs, in the future you might have an automation that needs to be fixed.

Can you show the entry from the log file itself? What you are showing is the “nice” entry, the real entry is normally
xxx already running. all lowercase and a dot at the end, so try to change the filter to

      - "*already running*"


this is the “real” log:

2021-10-26 20:52:59 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.automation.firebase_update_raspi] Firebase Update Raspi: Already running

To be honest, this is a bad example. I have very complicated routines for my room climates, which can be adjusted manual and per app and these climates are connected to time-based routines, window sensors, user location (home/not home) and therefore, it happens often, that the automations are triggered multiple times in a view seconds. These logs blow up the log overview, so I am not able to determine “real” important warnings.

Ok, then it sounds like a bug. Open up an issue on GitHub.

The default mode for all automations is single. In single mode, if an automation is busy executing its action and it’s triggered again, it will ignore it and report the incident with a warning message “Already running …” just so you are aware it happened.

Sometimes one is not aware that an automation might be re-triggered while it’s busy so it’s useful to be warned that it has occurred. In that case, one might want to change the automation’s mode to something more suitable.

In other situations, one is aware that it might be re-triggered while busy, considers that to be normal, and doesn’t need to be reminded of it when it happens. In that case, you can suppress the warning message by simply adding the max_exceeded option to the automation:

max_exceeded: silent

So if you know that it’s normal for automation.firebase_update_raspi to be re-triggered while it’s busy, simply add the line shown above.


Thanks a lot! Of course, the usage of max_exceeded: silent is much more sufficient and meaningful. So, I know, for which automations/scripts it might happen, that they will be triggered multiple times, so I can prevent them from logging.

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Glad to hear it helps to solve your problem.

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