Finding configuration.yaml file

I have not been able to get to the configuration file to enter any custom information (Insteon connection). I read somewhere it is in /config. But how do I get access to this directory?

I have not found a place in hassio.local:8123, I have not been able to get access via secure shell (I have the local IP address and can ping it), and with the Pi attached to a monitor I cannot log into hassio (using the credentials from the brower login hassio.local:8123.

Where do I find this information?

It seems like you didn’t really follow the getting started guide.

If you are running hassio, you need to pick how you want to access the configuration (or enable them all). Run through the getting started guide. In there, you will come across this link:

Read through it.

Since you are running HassIO you should look at installed the Cloud 9 IDE add-on. It makes editing your files very easy. Got to the HassIO side menu, then go to the add-on store and find this one in the community section:

Install it and you will be loving it

Cloud9 looks ok but it does not have a home assistant specific helper like the VSCode addon.