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@SupahNoob Thanks for that solution. I’ll give that a try since all my attempts failed so far. But one question:

Is there a reason why you are not using the -d option of the flicd service which makes it run as daemon?

I am not an expert in Linux, but to my understanding… Services are run on startup, and the line that denote Restart=always and RestartSec=3 will start the process back up should it fail/error out/crash… So it should be functionally similar to a daemon anyway.

I am quite new to home assistant, but I have a system set up now, and I am trying to get this Flic service to work. I have installed it and I manage to start the service manually by typing sudo /usr/local/bin/flicd -d -l /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/flic_log.txt -f /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/flic.db. If I then restart the homeassistant service, the Flic buttons all appear and I can create automations with them.

My problem is that I cannot get the Flic service to launch on pi boot. When I try to add the script above by SupahNoob to systemd, the service fails with status 1/failure. Have others experienced the same issue? What am I doing wrong?