Floorplan simple example not working

I hope this is not something simple, but I cannot get the “simple” example in this repository to work. The documentation is far from complete and I can’t seem to get the color changing/animations working.

I have installed the front end repository via HACS and can get the floorplan to show in a lovelace dashboard, but no color changes or spinning animations occur and the camera feed is blank. I can verify the automations are working and the status of the binary sensors are being toggled.

I wonder if it has to do with the resources path, because in the historical documentation it uses /local/floorplan and with HACS it uses /hacsfiles/ha-floorplan but this is just a guess.

Anyone out there able to help a guy out?

Nevermind. Found a great guide here: Floorplan now available as a Lovelace card

I think I followed the instructions exactly but I’m getting following error:

18.5.2022, 01:33:16 ERROR URIError: /local/floorplan/examples/home/home.css?_=1652830396057: Error fetching resource at Function.<anonymous> (http://homeassistant:8123/hacsfiles/ha-floorplan/floorplan.js?hacstag=1883234941030:83:2717) at Generator.next (<anonymous>) at s (http://homeassistant:8123/hacsfiles/ha-floorplan/floorplan.js?hacstag=1883234941030:83:734)
18.5.2022, 01:33:16 ERROR STYLESHEET Error loading stylesheet: /local/floorplan/examples/home/home.css
18.5.2022, 01:33:16 INFO INIT Floorplan for Home Assistant (ha-floorplan) v1.0.30

So the error is saying the style sheet can’t be found. Have you added that in the correct location?

edit: you should be able to type into your browser http://<YOUR_HA_IP_ADDRESS>:8123/local/floorplan/examples/home/home.css and see the css file

Note that /local actually maps to /config/www see also here Floorplan now available as a Lovelace card - #490 by OzGav

In browser I get: 404: Not Found
But there is a folder * /config/www/floorplan/examples with home.css, svg, yaml etc. all marked red in File Editor.
Looks like I something missed.

It should be


Thanks a lot! Now the adaption will start, seems to be a lot of work. :wink:

It’s worth it for a fantastic interface in the end!:+1::grin:

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