Floors with areas?

Dear all,

I just manged to install hass.io yesterday and now start to experiment with the different parts of the automation - e.g., KNX, roombas, etc

Maybe a very basic question and sorry if this was asked elsewhere, but I tried to find something via search:
Is there a way to group areas and assign e.g., a fritz.reapter to an area or the entire house? Concrete example - we have 4 floors in our case and I have a repeater on each one. Also, the heater is responsible for the entire house, so assigning it to one area does not seem to make sense.
Ideally, I would then be able to create rooms within the area - e.g., ‘living room’ and ‘kitchen’ as part of ground floor.

Thank you for your help!

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Welcome to the forum.

No, there is no facility for this.

If you need to assign it to an area, create a new one called “Whole House”.

Sorry, not possible. Feel free to vote for this feature request:

Until recently areas weren’t that useful, but the ability to target areas with services (e.g. turn on all the lights in the area downstairs) was introduced and has made this more of a worthwhile addition.

At the moment your only option is to define your own groups of entities (these can be nested):