Fresh install google cast issue

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to install after a failed sd card, and I’ve been pulling my hair out. I get all my setting back up and running, reboot and I get stuck on the connecting screen.

So after many many attempts I found that hitting the google cast configure is the cause of the issue.

Deleting the core.config_entries file in the storage folder ssh rebooting allows me back in

So how do I get to see my google homes?

I’m currently on 75.2

Adding to this home assistsnt keeps stopping and starting again

That might be the solution for the restart issues. I am new to this and have had the same problem.

I can’t help you with the Google Cast issues though.

I have/had the same issue but a strange workaround seems to have fixed it for me. I documented my process in OP’s github issue here: