Frigate config confusion

Tried every conceivable edit I can but just can’t get past the error:

File “pydantic/”, line 526, in pydantic.main.BaseModel.parse_obj
2023-12-18 14:28:10.669236448 File “pydantic/”, line 341, in pydantic.main.BaseModel.init
2023-12-18 14:28:10.669237349 pydantic.error_wrappers.ValidationError: 1 validation error for FrigateConfig
2023-12-18 14:28:10.669238224 cameras → front → ffmpeg → roles
2023-12-18 14:28:10.669239054 extra fields not permitted (type=value_error.extra)

Driving me mad! - if I remove roles: it goes through ok; but I need that!

My config.yml:

enabled: True
- path: rtsp://
- detect

        width: 1920
        height: 1080
        fps: 5

can’t be sure since the above config is not all formatted the same as code, but at least your detect section doesn’t seem aligned properly (“w” needs to be under “t”) and detect needs to be same level as ffmpeg…

      width: 960
      height: 720
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Post the config properly formatted, and the error might be obvious.

Apologies for the post and the difference in formatting!
It would seem frigate is absolutely pedantic about the arrangement.
Simply copying and pasting an example from the frigate ( and other websites ) produces a variety of other errors.
Trying to work out where a space should ( or shouldn’t be ) isn’t clear. Unclear if tabbing is ok ( I did tab the earlier parts and they didn’t seem to error ).

You should never use tabs in yaml unless your editor is setup to make tabs using space character

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Ok. I got this working now. the parsing of the frigate.yml is really really really picky!!.
Correct indentation would seem to be critical.
I’ll be careful moving onwards.

Thanks for the help everyone.

That’s the case for yaml everywhere

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First adventures into YAML started for me today!

Am setting up frigate for use in Home Assistant.

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