Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

Select this conditions node and it will tell us which conditions were true and false.

Think i found my issue after reinstall blueprint.
I typed “indkoersel” and not “- Indkoersel” in zones… Might be working now.
New issue is i dont get the snapshot.
But will test abit more next couple days.

@SgtBatten the blueprint works pretty well! One question: I get some outdated (~1hour) pictures on IOS and TV. I think they are stuck in a queue or something and are getting reported multiple times (?). Does anyone reported the same situation and could help?

Do the snapshots exist when you look at the frigate events page and select an event then click on snapshot?

The only time I’ve had delayed notifications is due to bad reception, and they come through when I reconnect to the internet but say it’s happened ‘now’ instead of whenever it actually triggered.

I can’t think of any reason the automation or HA would be causing a delay in sending them. The tv is an interesting one as I would assume it’s on the local network.

My updated Blueprints

Latest changes:

  • TV notifications - stable
  • Hyphenated cam names should work now - stable
  • Doubletake: dynamically use the persons name in the title/message if face match is detected. - Beta
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Maybe I can add some information here as I also have the problem.

I do get the notification and I can open the snapshot. Safari opens (Using Iphone here) and tries to load the file (rotating loading icon instead of play button). After 2-3 seconds there is a big crossed out play button indicating that it cant play the file.

However, I copied the link to my Computer and firefox has no problem playing the file. I therefore think the video is encoded in a format the iphone is not able to play.

I am currently on 0.12.0-beta5. They added the go2rtc restreaming and I feel I did not configure it properly…

There are a heck of a lot of issues raised on the frigate GitHub page, I recommend having a search there for anything similar. I personally had to stop using gortc for now as I couldn’t get all my cams working well, so stuck with my older config for now.

Hello, should I be getting an error for the device_class being “camera”? I’m using your current stable blueprint and it says, "value is not accepted"and then lists a bunch of valid values.
I possibly could have just imported it incorrectly. I just copy and pasted your code over the original blueprint.

Also when trying to use the blueprint, I get “No matching entities found” where you select the camera entity. I do have frigate setup and working correctly with a single camera so far, so not sure about that either.

Yes the error is expected.

The frigate integration creates entities with a device class of camera. Home assistant itself doesn’t consider that a real device class so they won’t allow it to be added to HA core. My pull request recently was rejected. The filter works but vs code will see it as invalid due to it not being present in the list of things it validates against.

Do you have the frigate integration also installed? This creates the entities in HA


I could use some help. I am not sure what happened. I recently started using two servers, and my Home Assistant VM was one of the things that moved from my original server to my 2nd server.

It was a pretty simple move, just installed the VM, and did an update from my google backup. It was all up and running in a matter of minutes. I moved Frigate over to that server as well, also easy since its just the config file that I needed to move to the container.

Frigate works, my automation that uses people on my camera in the kitchen to turn on the undercounter lights works. If I go into HA for a camera outside I can see it recognizing people/cars etc etc. However the Notifications have stopped working.

I’m not sure what has happened. I went ahead and deleted frigate from HA, and HACS and deleted the blueprint, restarted HA, and installed all of those from scratch again, and again the automation that uses frigate for my kitchen works, but my notifications do not.

When I look at the traces I just see this error.

Stopped because of unknown reason “null” at January 30, 2023 at 5:06:06 PM (runtime: 0.01 seconds)

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Can you please confirm which blueprint you are using?

My first thought is you are using the original one at the top of this topic which has a bug with newer releases of HA/frigate

name: Frigate Notification (0.10.0)

Where do I find the newest one?

I have made a fork with the fix and a bunch of other features, otherwise the fix is discussed earlier in this thread.

Thank you for your work on this!!! I can’t even explain how frustrating it was that I couldn’t figure out what I did in moving from one server to the other and breaking something.

I got yours installed and it’s working perfectly on the one camera I tested, now to get it setup on the other camers and to test them as well, but since it worked on one, I think we are good.

Thanks again!

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Hey, there is a typo in the “Disable notifications by time” value of 7 o’clock. It’s listed as 07:00 - 06:59.

This blueprint looks great, but I’m not able to get it to work. I have it setup as shown, and it’s never triggering (last triggered: never). It’s saved/enabled, it just won’t trigger.

My Frigate sensors in HASS are all are working as expected. I just stepped out on the front porch, and the binary_sensor.front_porch_motion and sensor.front_porch_person_count sensors etc all reacted to me out there. But the automation to send the alert didn’t fire.

Thanks @ZynanBob, fixed now.

@rogers you are using a version of the blueprint with a bug as discussed a few posts ago. Try my fork

Oh thank you @SgtBatten , I missed that. Some great new features in your fork.

Is there a way to get the notification to open the related clip in the Home Assistant app rather than the web browser? I did not set the base URL, and it works, but opens in the browser. I’d like to find a way to open the clip from the notification in HA (either the Media Browser, or better, yet, a popup over a particular dashboard), so that when I close the clip, I can be left viewing my live camera feed.

So far there has not been a reliable way. Perhaps we can fiddle with urls to achieve it but i’ve not looked for a while.