Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

name: Frigate Notification (0.10.0)

Where do I find the newest one?

I have made a fork with the fix and a bunch of other features, otherwise the fix is discussed earlier in this thread.

Thank you for your work on this!!! I can’t even explain how frustrating it was that I couldn’t figure out what I did in moving from one server to the other and breaking something.

I got yours installed and it’s working perfectly on the one camera I tested, now to get it setup on the other camers and to test them as well, but since it worked on one, I think we are good.

Thanks again!

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Hey, there is a typo in the “Disable notifications by time” value of 7 o’clock. It’s listed as 07:00 - 06:59.

This blueprint looks great, but I’m not able to get it to work. I have it setup as shown, and it’s never triggering (last triggered: never). It’s saved/enabled, it just won’t trigger.

My Frigate sensors in HASS are all are working as expected. I just stepped out on the front porch, and the binary_sensor.front_porch_motion and sensor.front_porch_person_count sensors etc all reacted to me out there. But the automation to send the alert didn’t fire.

Thanks @ZynanBob, fixed now.

@rogers you are using a version of the blueprint with a bug as discussed a few posts ago. Try my fork

Oh thank you @SgtBatten , I missed that. Some great new features in your fork.

Is there a way to get the notification to open the related clip in the Home Assistant app rather than the web browser? I did not set the base URL, and it works, but opens in the browser. I’d like to find a way to open the clip from the notification in HA (either the Media Browser, or better, yet, a popup over a particular dashboard), so that when I close the clip, I can be left viewing my live camera feed.

So far there has not been a reliable way. Perhaps we can fiddle with urls to achieve it but i’ve not looked for a while.

I been waiting to use this along with Frigate but my Coral device 81 weeks away. My question is do you all have a Coral or does it work well enough without it?

That depends on your server.

I ran frigate without a coral fine with two 1080p cameras. Once I upgraded and got more cams my low end system struggled with its 4th gen Intel mobile CPU. I now have a much more powerful server and a coral, the coral takes care of the heavy lifting.

Try it and see

Thank you for your work on the fixed template! Notifications are working with my camera, however I am wondering if zones are broken or if I am using them wrong? Here’s my automation using the template, and I defined the zone I want notifications for but I’m getting notifications for all zones on this camera:

- alias: Frigate Notification Porch
    path: SgtBatten/frigate_0.11_notification.yaml
      tv_transparency: 0%
      camera: camera.front_porch
      notify_device: a685ab04fa78c70df24c96886f47f05d
        - Porch

There’s a zone filter enabled toggle you need to turn on. Not sure if capitalisation is an issue off the top of my head either, but just try the toggle first.

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Thank you so much for the speedy reply! I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I missed that! There’s a lot going on in this blueprint, it’s amazing and so helpful to not have to configure all the API links for my frigate notifications.

EDIT: For those who may also be facing this issue: capitalization absolutely does matter; it didn’t like when I had my zone name capitalized. I have it working now:

- alias: Camera - Frigate Notification Porch
    path: SgtBatten/frigate_0.11_notification.yaml
      camera: camera.front_porch
      notify_device: a685ab04fa78c70df24c96886f47f05d
      zone_filter: true
        - porch 
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Genius! Fixed mine! Never would have found that on my own, thanks!

This is working pretty great for me so far, but, is there a way to have it only send the snapshot to iOS in a way that it is just viewable in the notification, instead of a link back to the hass webserver?


I guess you could delete the clickaction lines and also the action sections in the blueprint.

I just tried installing the stable blueprint right now and i get a 500 error when i try to create the automation with it. You have have the state and presence filters as optional in the descriptions, but show as required on the actual fields. At least it looks like thats the issue. Appears the blueprint is Frigate Notification ( - SgtB. Now one thing I just noticed is that it says the minimum requirements have Minimum Frigate Integration Version: 3.0.01 listed. I am using the Frigate Proxy addon since my frigate box is separate. Would that be the problem? Also, while we are at it, shouldnt the base_url for public access be automatically pulled from home assistance config? You would have an internal_url or external_url value. (personally I use the the same for both and do loopback).

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this. Where exactly?

The state filter is a toggle so I assume you refer to the state filter entity? In what way does it show as required? Did you click on the field and then not select an entity causing it to turn red? Not sure if that actually stops you saving the automation but if it does, switch to yaml mode and back. That will clear the red.

No, but you do need the integration installed. The proxy is an add-on not an integration. I use it also for the same reason. Seperate things.

No, those are optional in the HA config. They also don’t support subdirectories which could be how people have HA accessible externally. I’ve never used them myself.

Thanks. I got it working. I think another automation was messing with it. Im not a big fan of the flow though and waiting for some web page to load. Heck, on my iphone, the video even loads all smooshed up and have to click full screen for it to load, then hit play.

Does anyone have this working with the frigate 0.12 beta? I tried the beta, but the notifications didn’t include the clips/snapshots.