Frigate Mobile App Notifications

That’s a good idea, I often forget to take my phone off silent… what I would probably do is make a second set of automatons and add a time condition to each set so only one goes off at a time and make one use critical notifications. I found it easier to just duplicate one for each camera so I didn’t muck up the blueprint too much. I already modified it to use a previously setup counter system so I temporarily stop getting them after 3 notifications in 30 seconds (my kids playing in the yard was setting them off too much when they are outside)… but anyway thanks for the idea!

I’m getting the detection frame rather than full frame as a snapshot. Is that normal? I’m new to frigate.
Also can a single blueprint automation be used for multiple cameras? To avoid having multiple automations.

I also tried adding bbox=1 to the uri in the blueprint and I’m still getting detection frame low resolution images.

- action: URI
  title: View Snapshot
  uri: '{{base_url}}/api/frigate/notifications/{{id}}/snapshot.jpg?bbox=1'

I noticed frigate takes higher quality snapshots with the bounding box. I can see them in the events
“best image” but how can I use those snapshots in the notification blueprint automation? I’d also add I’m not using 2 streams (main and sub) I’m using blue iris and I have frigate pulling the mainstream at 1280x720. I also can’t download those snapshots and I don’t know where they are saved as I don’t see them in the media folder.

Any ideas? @hunterjm

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Has anyone had an issue where a video has finished playing and you’re stuck into the video clip? Only a restart of home assistant seems to resolve it for me…

@hunterjm I have the same question as @Bartem. Is there any way to use the full frame instead of just the detection frame? I would like to have full context in the notification, not just a cropped image of exactly what was detected.

Edit: Seems like it just needs to use a snapshot instead of thumbnail.

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As long as your snapshot is of a higher resolution that’s what I did and it works. If your detection resolution is low it will still be low.

Yes, have the same issue intermittently. If you leave if long enough it fixes itself and goes back into the app.

My current solution is to change the setting in the mobile app to open links in the browser, rather than in the HA App, then the video plays in the browser and you don’t get stuck in the app.

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I would like to have notification when my camera detects motions for at least 5 seconds. My cam is at front door and I got many unwanted notifications when people just walk by. What should I add to the blueprint?
Thanks in advance.

You would add zones to the camera and then define in the notification blueprint that the motion must be in the zones you want

This is solved my problem with the clips but not with the pictures. For you is still works?

Both clips and pictures open in the browser for me. So yes it works for me.

Hi, I use ha in docker + reverse proxy. I can’t get the pictures to show no matter what regardless if I use my reverse proxy address or address.

For example the address for snapshot that comes out of this blueprint’s template looks like this:

https://<ha address>/api/frigate/notifications/1641393720.254206-xt21qt/thumbnail.jpg?format=android

and comes up as unresolvable.

An address that comes off this template https://<ha address>{{ }}

https://<ha address>/api/camera_proxy/camera.bedroom?token=7081b7bd0476b0255023b8728bdbc3990982afa8fa8cb609d9c9df686cdce225

works through both my reverse proxy and address.

Anyone got any idea how can I make the snapshot from this integration work? Thanks!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get this blueprint working with Frigate instance that is running outside of Home Assistant?

My setup:

  • Frigate Docker Container In Unraid
  • Frigate Proxy NVR In Home Assistant

It looks like one of the requirements of this blueprint is to have a Frigate camera entity which isn’t created with the Frigate Proxy NVR.

Possible. I have this running with frigate running on docker on a debian VM (which runs on qemu on proxmox), and I’ve got the frigate integration installed in HASS. I am using HassOS (qemu image) which is running as a VM on Proxmox also.

This blueprint doesn’t communicate directly with Frigate. It uses the HACS Integration. Install and setup Frigate through HACS and you should be good.

I am seeing this same issue/ My automation ends at the first condition,

{{type != ''end''}}

I am using HAOS on a x86 (NUC), and am using the Frigate integration

My blueprint config is pretty simple:

id: '1642119677481'
alias: Frigate Notification
description: Frigate Blueprint
  path: hunterjm/frigate_notification.yaml
    camera: front_east
    notify_device: 73ac7c05451c4c94af8978bdc3d5e2d1
    cooldown: 0
    silence_timer: 0

Here is the package variable:

Executed: January 13, 2022, 5:59:35 PM
  entity_id: automation.frigate_notification
  state: 'on'
    last_triggered: '2022-01-14T00:59:27.208046+00:00'
    mode: single
    current: 1
    id: '1642119677481'
    friendly_name: Frigate Notification
  last_changed: '2022-01-14T00:44:15.999055+00:00'
  last_updated: '2022-01-14T00:59:27.208301+00:00'
    id: cd7690ad2b166f0f027a9fc4e91f9d4c
    parent_id: null
    user_id: null
  id: '0'
  idx: '0'
  platform: mqtt
  topic: frigate/events
  payload: >-
    {"before": {"id": "1642121964.166427-29c9n7", "camera": "front_east",
    "frame_time": 1642121964.496416, "snapshot_time": 1642121964.496416,
    "label": "person", "top_score": 0.78125, "false_positive": false,
    "start_time": 1642121964.166427, "end_time": null, "score": 0.78125, "box":
    [1196, 667, 1607, 1430], "area": 313593, "region": [896, 584, 1832, 1520],
    "current_zones": [], "entered_zones": [], "has_clip": false, "has_snapshot":
    false}, "after": {"id": "1642121964.166427-29c9n7", "camera": "front_east",
    "frame_time": 1642121964.896262, "snapshot_time": 1642121964.496416,
    "label": "person", "top_score": 0.78125, "false_positive": false,
    "start_time": 1642121964.166427, "end_time": 1642121974.492953, "score":
    0.6640625, "box": [1302, 631, 1642, 1362], "area": 248540, "region": [945,
    592, 1857, 1504], "current_zones": [], "entered_zones": [], "has_clip":
    true, "has_snapshot": true}, "type": "end"}
  qos: 0
  description: mqtt topic frigate/events
      id: 1642121964.166427-29c9n7
      camera: front_east
      frame_time: 1642121964.496416
      snapshot_time: 1642121964.496416
      label: person
      top_score: 0.78125
      false_positive: false
      start_time: 1642121964.166427
      end_time: null
      score: 0.78125
        - 1196
        - 667
        - 1607
        - 1430
      area: 313593
        - 896
        - 584
        - 1832
        - 1520
      current_zones: []
      entered_zones: []
      has_clip: false
      has_snapshot: false
      id: 1642121964.166427-29c9n7
      camera: front_east
      frame_time: 1642121964.896262
      snapshot_time: 1642121964.496416
      label: person
      top_score: 0.78125
      false_positive: false
      start_time: 1642121964.166427
      end_time: 1642121974.492953
      score: 0.6640625
        - 1302
        - 631
        - 1642
        - 1362
      area: 248540
        - 945
        - 592
        - 1857
        - 1504
      current_zones: []
      entered_zones: []
      has_clip: true
      has_snapshot: true
    type: end
id: 1642121964.166427-29c9n7
camera: front_east
camera_name: Front East
object: person
label: Person
entered_zones: []
type: end
base_url: ''
group_target: ''
zone_only: false
input_zones: []
zones: []
input_labels: []
labels: []
presence_entity: ''


It seems that the first notification is an “end” notification. So I removed the first part of the automation action and jumped right to the end processing, and it mostly works.

However, I had to reduce my recorded image to the (rather small) secondary stream, as the primary stream (4k) will not display on either of my android devices.

I see other people having recordings at 4k, but no explanation of how they display on pocket device. Perhaps iPhone is not as limited.

I cannot at this point change my main feed to 1080p, because the normal NVR takes over the settings. I suspect Android cannot go past 1080p. Unfortunately, the secondary stream is even less than 480!


Thanks @hunterjm & @ld9000 . I was able to get it up an running!!!

Hi everyone!!

with the blueprint everything works flawlessly but i have a question.
Then notification sends me the thumbnail that is coming from the second video stream of my dahua so extremely in low res

with this link:

i would like to use the snapshot direcly that is with much more resolution, i tried everything but seems not working

i tried with this link
but doesn’t work i got ssl error.

How did you have the snapshot in the notification and not the thumbnail?

Any advice are more than welcome!!
I would like also to thank @hunterjm for the incredible contribution!


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This blueprint has been great! I have one question though regarding the objects. I have the Zone filter enabled and the object detection set for person and car. I cannot seem to get notifications for anything other than a person. Is there something that has to be configured in the frigate config or something I may be missing?

What type of phone?