From appdeamon1 on all in one to appdeamon3 on

I’m migrating from aio hass with original appdeamon to and was wondering how to move the 3 apps i’m using and the config file over. Any help appreciated.

  1. follow the instructions to setup AD 3 correctly.
  2. only when you have AD 3 running correctly the start changing your apps according to the breaking changes
  3. move the py files to the apps directory
  4. create a yaml file for every app you have and give the args how its told in the docs.
  5. place those yaml files in your apps directory.

the old config file (appdaemon.yaml) can be used to find the right settings, but in itselve its useless because that is completely changed.

Hi Rene, Thanks for the response.

I’m only using 3 ‘standard’ apps that I did not touch after installing the original AppDeamon. These are ‘lightsmotion 1.1’ (I actually think I got this from you). Occusim and Switch_reset (state restore).

  • Do you know if they need any work for running in Appdeamon v3?
  • Is Switch_reset even needed anymore? I read that this was now standard functionality of HASS but there is not much info to find on this.


yes they do, ALL apps need to be changed, so thats why i said to check out the breaking changes.
to make it more clear:
in AD 1 we used a cfg file with the config. it had all args like “any_arg = something”
in AD 2 the cfg changed to yaml and at first it was still 1 file, but later on all apps moved to apps.yaml, args are like “any_arg: something”
in AD 3 every app has its own yaml file and the location changed from inside the config dir to inside the apps dir.

so i advice to follow the steps i gave.

i also know that there is some kind of restore function inside hass, but i dont use it and dont know anything about it. sorry.

I get the part of creating the new Yaml/configuration files files but is there no-one that already has updated the apps to Appdeamonv3? I think many people are using “”, “” and “Switch_reset/py”

I’d be willing to bet that no one has done it. I would assume most of the user base would tailor their own apps and update them as needed.

both apps are written by Andrew himself and when i look on github then i see that its not updated.
so if you want to keep on using them, you need to update yourself.

the breaking changes are not that hard, its just a few things that you need to change.

and i think petro is right. even if someone else has updated it, it will probably be modified and if not then you need to copy that, set the filerights right, and still create the right yaml files.

i think you will find it easier to update the files, then to find someone that has the original file updated.

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This is all working now. For more info for other that want to do the same, please look here.

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