From moldbus thermostat to climate entity?

Hi all!!

A small impasse here, I need your advice!

I have an HVAC system with modbus interface (Daikin with RTD-RA/RTD-NET interface).
I’m able to read and write parameters (through an ESPHome board), and I have configured a Dashboard in Home Assistant with all the parameter.

Now, it works but is a bit messy… every parameter for each internal machine is separated from each other, no central control, no multiple set point (Home/Away/Eco).

As I would like to support multiple set point for Heat and Cool and I would like to automate the Home/Away part of things,
what’s your advice on the matters?
How you would proceed?
Do you have seen or made anything similar to point me to?

I’m sorry if the questions seems a bit confused, but I am a bit confused on the topic :upside_down_face: