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Just as long as they don’t come 'round here with none of that Node-Red jibber-jabber we’ll all get along fine… :upside_down_face: :dash:


Hahaha they do love their node-red and Z2M!


Nothing wrong with Z2M.


Plenty of us dummies in the forum. Welcome! :partying_face:


Except that it doesn’t support all coordinators…

It supports all the good ones :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with Z2M or NR tbh. I’ve used both. I just have a personal preference to use the native stuff, if I can. I’ve stuck with ZHA since the beginning on my production box and it’s really grown over the years to be quite good imo.

Also the Skyconnect is still listed as experimental with Z2M, so I tend to not recommend Z2M for it, but I’ve seen many posts with people getting it working.

I hope, when the subreddit re-opens, they do the same. I post on some subreddits, but never again on /r/homeassistant.

It is already open again. It was only set to private for 48 hours.

Lies!! :smiley:

Just checked, they are open again.

They were replying to my Z2M quip.

I think the reluctance may be due to a feeling of formality and/or minimum requirements. Forums (to me at least, and I think others will be the same) feel like a more formal and permanent discussion area. Yes, there is no real difference between a forum and reddit, apart from interface, but that interface could be what leans people towards that feeling. Some of it may also come from prior experience with forums where posts may get rejected/removed or users may get temp/perma-banned for their content not meeting specific rules/requirements (not dissimilar from some subreddits).

I know I’ve got very specific questions I’d like answers to, but haven’t due to a number of factors:

  • Self-help - the information should already be out there somewhere, I need to help myself by learning rather than just giving a situation and asking for the answer
  • Effort - the effort required to properly convey enough information for someone to reasonably be able to help me
  • (potentially) too-specific - my questions are very specific to my situation and may not help others, so formalising in a forum post expecting answers feels “greedy” (probably not the right word, but I find myself struggling more these days to pick the right word/s for some reason… side note: I only use English, so it’s not a translation issue)

Places like Reddit and Discord do (for better or worse) feel like more appropriate places for low-effort content like random half-baked questions.

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I understand this view (having used both this forum and reddit).
I guess the minimum requirement is a clearly written question so that others know how to help.

Maybe try with one of your ‘easier’ questions? I find most people here are helpful even if the solution doesn’t help them personally - it’s about sharing the knowledge. I certainly try to help others (if I am capable of helping) as that promotes the right behaviour of someone else perhaps helping me when I’m stuck.

Edit: I shouldn’t have shown an example as my goal wasn’t to change anyone’s behaviors but rather point out that it’s a common statement on reddit that they don’t feel comfortable posting here.

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Please don’t write off the forum for a single (or group) of threads. There are plenty of people here willing to help.

I’ve read the thread from your link and honestly don’t see what you see, but I do understand that everyone sees/reads/feels things differently.

As you know, the subreddit is back up, so you can post there again, however I hope you give this forum a chance.


How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question :ok_hand:

I tried helping as much as I can with guiding the person to the answer. This is not a helpdesk. And honestly it comes across as demanding and entitled when you don’t just get the answer and strictly the solution on a silver platter.

I explained why it didn’t work and how he can make sure to get the correct answer (like directing to the correct thread.) Which in my opinion the point for newcomers (like I was myself): guide them to the answer, so they understand why their code doesn’t work and not just copy/paste. The user also replied to me (which you left out when singling my reply): Thank you for pointing me the way.

It is normal for people to at least do same basic research OR elaborate the question more. Asking stuff like: how can I do this or why doesn’t this work, without posting code or explaining what has been tried, gets tiring fast. Take this how you will. But if you take a look at my profile, I sincerely hope you will tone down your wording, since I have helped/contributed plenty of times. And will continue to do so.


Tone down my wording?

I guess I made my point. It has been said multiple times on the subreddits that they don’t feel comfortable posting here when everyone was discussing what to do with the blackout.

Regardless, no personal offense was meant.


Funny you how you can say ‘no personal offense was meant’ when direct quoting someone to set an example as the problem. While taking my response directed to that user as purely offensive, while no offense was intended :wink:

See ya!

I also saw no issue with what was written in the tap action post.

Perhaps it’s time to shine the flashlight in the mirror?