Frontend - Homescreen Bookmark Android Not Fullscreen

I used to have the app added to the homescreen on my Android phone and it was basically a full screen app. If I opened the bookmark it used the manifest.json file to see that it was a standalone app, and it would start without the chrome bar at the top.

Recently I had to re-add the bookmark, and now it just opens in a new chrome tab. This has been driving me and my girlfriend nuts as we each have 20+ tabs open to the home assistant homepage!

Does anyone know how to restore this to a standalone bookmark that opens in its own separate window again?


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Did you get a resolution to this?

Unfortunately no I haven’t been able to get this resolved. Would still love it if someone has figured out how to fix this!

To add to this I too have the issue. For some more info I just upgraded to android 8.1 on my pixel xl 2. Previously on 8.0 I did not have this issue.

Bump. Anyone got any update on this. It’s driving me crazy :frowning:

I submitted this as a chrome bug. Go comment on it to increase visibility to the dev team