Fully migrating from SmartThings to Home Assistant

You need to click on node ID 1 the node you currently have selected is the node id of the new controller.

Thank you @cornellrwilliams!! That was it. IDK why but I assumed that the first controller would be my new one. I was still not able to get everything transferred to the new controller. I don’t think the “Add” function worked. It seemed like it did and I did not get any errors but nothing was showing up in associations. I will have to try and tackle this some more. Hopefully I can figure this out.
Thank you again :+1::sunglasses:

You have to select all of your devices in the device list except your controllers then click the node info button to reinterview the devices. Once you do this you should be able to go back to the associations page and see all of your devices in the association list.

Thank you again for walking me through this. I’m still struggling to do a full migration. I selected all of my devices and clicked the node info button, and nothing changed. I started to randomly selecting one device and clicking node info, and alas ONE of them added and I could see it in the association page. Do you know why only a few devices were able to add?

Only the devices that are successfully interviewed will be shown in the association list. Clicking the node info button is the same as interviewing the node.

Why would my devices not be interviewed properly? I have clicked them individually and clicked node info, and the log shows things happening and no errors, but never gets interviewed/shows up in the associations page.

If the device is a battery powered device it has to be woken up to be properly interviewed.