Gauge card: min and max values and number of decimals


I have used the tempometer-gauge-card for some time, but now it has reached its end of life (GitHub - SNoof85/lovelace-tempometer-gauge-card: Home Assistant Lovelace custom card with Barometer, Thermomer themes and customs themes as well !) and I’m back into official gauge card, which is great now with segments feature, but I miss a couple of features of the tempometer-gauge-card, which I suggest to be implemented if possible:

  • entity_min / entity_max: to show the for instance the minimum and max values of last day (not computed in the card).

  • decimals: decimal precision of entity value.


I especially like the decimal precision idea. I use a gauge card for my oil tank level, and it wouldn’t look good showing 165.9604 gallons remaining. I had to create a template to convert it to an integer for display. Having the gauge card do that would make it look a lot cleaner, without the need to define another template.

I can see where Min and Max would be helpful in some cases too, although I don’t think I currently have anything which needs them.

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the decimal precision would be a great feature for all metric cards, I’m making another feature request :wink:

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It seems there’s already a request for this: Formatting numbers in Lovelace, let’s vote !