GE 12722 Z Wave Switch Solution?

I had (have) a Wink 2 Hub and getting horrible results with the GE 12722 and Add on switch so I got an Aeotec 5th Gen USB Stick. Working way better than Wink. One weird behavior. When I click the GE 12722 switches they react perfectly in HA. When I manually turn on the Add on Switch I get about a 10 - 20 second delay in switch state in HA but it does respond.

This is my config. Any tweak. I’ve read tons of stuff and can’t speed it up any better.

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0
  polling_interval: 30000
      polling_intensity: 1

I don’t have any of the ge addon switches (yet) just a few master switches but I did read about the issue you mentioned. It appears the ge switches don’t support instant updates. You may have it configured as good as it’s going to get. Here’s some more info.

Ok Thanks. I get that the add on switch doesn’t have Z wave polling in it. Catching it during the refresh which is what it is doing is good enough for me. I’m not going all in on more expensive switches. This is working as advertised albeit the slider in HA won’t update until it refreshes and sees the switch state (or something like that). It’s one of those things that will only reveal itself while you’re flipping the switch messing around with it learning and when you’re showing off your system. The rest of the time in real world application it’s more than perfect.

I’m good with it.