[Germany] building a new custom Home

I’m with @farmio on this one. We’ve seen bigger companies fail in their business in the past, so having a big installation base is no guarantee on a company still be able to deliver new products and/or support their old base.

My local electrician is a great Loxone fan and we’ve had a few talks. Even with his discount, I was able to build a KNX system at the same price point (± 10%). To be fair though - I had to invest way more time researching and learning to see what products are worth their money and where to invest.

For anyone interested, I ended up dividing my house into 2 major systems:

Business Critical
consist of

  • Primary Lights
  • Blinds
  • HVAC
  • room-level power metering
  • Solar integration
  • Window contacts


  • Has to run without any TCP/IP Network being available
  • Has to be able to be controlled without HomeAssistant being available
  • If wired, the contractor has to be able to provide wiring
  • If you “push a button” something should happen


  • Motion Sensor
  • Irrigation
  • Camera / Face Recognition
  • Wall Tablets
  • Wallplug level power metering
  • Secondary Lights (LED Strips / RGB / Accent lights)
  • Lock
  • Media Player


  • Basic function will work if triggered by Business Critical component (e.g. light will go on if room switch toggles the light, even without a network)
  • Low-cost components (e.g. 35€ Hue Motion sensor vs 100€ (KNX / Loxone))
  • Can rely on Network + HomeAssistant ( but no Internet )

If anyone is interested here is my current hardware list. Some things changed but the rough parts are still the same.