Get notified of Available Hassio Addon Updates

yes, that “ha supervisor info” command is indeed better
then its indeed possible to have 1 rest sensor, for all available addons, ha version, hassos version …
edit: seems is doesnt give the HassOs version

For me the notifications don’t work I’ve no clue on where it goes wrong, I see there is an update but i didn’t get a message

If you don’t give any info on how you set up your sensor and automation, I (nor anyone else) can help you troubleshoot.

did the sensor show up in your states dev tool? Are the attributes included?

I have everything setup as described,
sensor & switch are in dev tools.

but i have already updated that addon. so you don’t see an update now.


What is the state of the automation? Did you include initial_state: false in the automation setup?

for some reason, my rest sensors for my add-ons dont have the “last_version” attribute anymore?

i only see “version” in the states … someone else got this too ?

EDIT : ok, seems the attribute is changed, its now : version_latest

I think the latest supervisor update may be at the root of this change. Thanks for digging into it, I hadn’t had the chance yet.

I think @CentralCommand has a very complete one

I’m getting this error… Why? :frowning:

Log Details (WARNING)

Source: components/rest/
Integration: rest (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 11:28:10 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 11:28:10 PM

Empty reply found when expecting JSON data

Can you share your config?

I looks like the sensor is making the call but its getting nothing in return.

Here it is… the !secret llt is the long result i got from creating a new LLT

Is this still working? I get “REST result could not be parsed as JSON” in logs.

Yes, post your config, maybe I can help troubleshoot.

Found my error, typo :crazy_face:

Did you solve this problem? I have it too with my config:

    name: deconz
    value_template: '{{ }}'
    scan_interval: 60
      Authorization: !secret llt
      Content-Type: application/json
    json_attributes_path: "$.data"
      - version
      - version_latest

Log Details (WARNING)

Source: components/rest/
Integration: rest (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 10:20:31 PM (6 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:25:39 PM

Empty reply found when expecting JSON data

Any ideas?

I am having problems with this…

secret llt is a long lived token. To obtain a long lived token, go to your users profile page and scroll all the way to the bottom. Create a token and copy it in to your config. Once you close the window with the LLT you cannot view the token again so be sure to record it. My secret is formatted as follows: llt: "Bearer adfasdfadsfadsfasdfasdfasdfNiJ9.eyJpc3adfasdfasdfTZlZWQ0Nzsuperlongstring of numberslettersetc" Be sure to add the Bearer before the token and place the entire thing in quotes.

When I go to the bottom of the page an click create token, it asks for a name I name it Bearer, then I click ok. It produces a llt. I copy this to my secrets file looking like this.
Is this what I am supposed to do?

Also when creating the sensor the resource has an http address:8123, I am using Nabu Casa, what do I add.
Thanks for the help.

Add a space after bearer in the secret.

If you are are using nabu casa you should be able to use just the ip with http for this internal call. Just as shown in the example.

Thanks for the quick response.
If you don’t mind a few more questions
In the sensor you have the following…

 - platform: rest
    name: adguard

In the text you say

For example this adguard add-on URL ends in /hassio/addon/a0d7b954_adguard

Notice the url… /hassio/addons/ versus /hassio/addon/

My url for adguard is /hassio/addon/
Which do I use for the sensor url?

Also mine does not have the /api/ (but I left it in the url)



The URL when i go to an add-on says addon while my sensor says addons
I wonder if there was a change at some point but they both still work. Not sure on this one. I would go addons as I know that currently works for the rest api. The only thing you need to pull from the URL on the supervisor page is the add-on name (ie. a0d7b954_adguard)

the /api/ comes from the developer docs.

What typo was that? I have the exact same problem

EDIT: Found it myself. It’s /api/hassio/addons not /api/hassio/addon. The later did not work for me.