Getting to stable 1.0

i dont mind either as i am comfortable using both.

no, a few things they are working on need to be rolled out

  1. remote access via nabu casa
  2. individual permissions, so that different front ends can be used

those are only a couple of things that needed.

I don’t believe this matters at all. It seems you’d be happier if the current version was 89.0.0 (soon to be 89.0.1) instead of 0.89.1.

The code won’t become more stable, the product won’t become more mature, just because the versioning moves a significant figure.

As a developer (not professionally) I don’t see it as important. The good documentation and release notes are far more important then a version numbering system.


I don’t agree with this. Every release does not (should not) have to contain breaking changes. Breaking changes for individual components should be handled differently than with the core of HA. There are only a few times you should be pushing breaking changes. For instance if you are adding some base functionality for newer components to work which caused you to rewrite part of the core. Security issues in the core. Removing deprecated code, this shouldn’t be a breaking change as you would have given users ample amount of time and warnings but if they ignore them things will break.

So aside from security, again this is handled differently, breaking changes should be thought out and reviewed. One could even issue an upcoming release bulletin saying what is about to break. Dependencies would take care of what components are available.

All other updates should be pushed in minor versions. Like adding new functionality for certain components. Typically, adding functionality does not include breaking something. If you push something in a minor and find that it has some bugs, then you would push patch.

Most of this is pretty standard in the professional space.

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well i thinl u need to take that up with the Devs. they have already said till they get there there WILL be breaking changes

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Well 0.89 now, after 0.99 (around 100 days from now) should be 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be 0.100.0 though :grinning:


ahah yes most probably

or just 0.100.

which is 100% meaningless…

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Things that I want NOW!

1.) a stable version. STABLE I SAID!
2.) v1.0 so all my problems will be solved
3.) Better documentation to help me because I can’t use the search function, better yet, someone else to solve my problems for me
4.) No Breaking changes, ever! Even when new products are added, or code is updated. Stop breaking my sh!T!!!
5.) This free software to be perfect, now and forever.

This is to summarize about a dozen or more new posts every month on these forums. It’s so tiresome.

Can HA be improved, absolutley. Does the community need to be involved to help this happen, for sure. Does endlessly complaining about things not being the way you want them to be when you do nothing to contribute to solving the issues help? No.

I think many need to take a step back and realize this is beta, free, open source software. I love HA the way it is, it’s quirky, educational, sometimes frustrating, free to use, has a robust and helpful community, but most importantantly…it works.



I’m guessing the ones complaining have never used Linux at any real capacity. As a 20 year Linux user, I expect things to break or be changed, and to me it’s just another day using FREE open source software.


How about they just refund the price you paid for it so you can go elsewhere?



Yes this is beta, but it does not always have to remain in beta. We can take steps to bring this to production level. Let’s be constructive and move things in some direction. If you don’t agree with the way I am proposing. Propose your own strategy to get us to a production level. Just complaining about seeing these posts do nothing to help progress.

That is exactly why I opened this thread. I want to start contributing so I can help solve the issues. But I am not the only user, I have seen things that I as a user think should be polished before production, other users have seen more things that are lacking to be a production product.

If you are serious, take a look at this;

This thread is not going to solve issues, nor is it helping to get to a stable or production ready version, what ever that means…


I’m not really coming down on either side of this discussion but I do get tired of reading this…

NOT just from @kanga_who - I’m not picking on you :wink:

Being free and / or open source and sometimes even beta (that is just a label in the same way version numbers are just numbers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) does not automatically preclude all the things some here are asking for / complaining about.

There is plenty of free extremely high quality software out there, and I don’t only mean from the likes of Google. (Inkscape and Paint dot Net spring immediately to mind).

Just constantly coming back with the mantra that ‘this is beta, free, open source software’ is starting to sound like a dogma which should never be questioned. And dogma is never healthy.

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Apllying your own logic here, why are you even reading these threads if they are “so tiresome”?

None of your bussiness about what someone is comlaining if you claim to not care.

I see the threadstarter is activly trying to contribute something here.

Thats a really wild guess. I am using Linux for a living for more then 12 years now. But i will make another claim about this

I claim, you never had to use software in a professional environment and earn money with it. There you need it to not break or change stuff on a regular basis.

As an IT professional, I most assuredly use software daily in a professional environment. I manage a 24/7 operation. I pay for these products, and I pay for support for these products. When I pay for support I expect a level of competency. If I am using FREE open source software, that I am NOT paying support for, I have different expectations.

So if you are going to try and compare this FREE open source project to a PRODUCTION environment where you cannot have downtime or breaking changes, you are clearly not understanding what the project is or means.

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This is great information. However, what I am proposing requires more than just code. Yes I plan on getting on discord to see what the gritty details are in terms of what is actually missing from the core product. What this thread to trying to do, is get user input on what things make this a “beta” product. There is general consensus that GUI config is essential (this portion is already being worked on and has come a long way), but there are other parts that I am wanting others to help me find.

Unfortunately, there are some in this community that feel they need to bash on anything related to something that seems less trivial because “it works”. This commentary is doing nothing to progress the state of things. If people feel like they are “tired” of these posts, they should stay out of them. If it really is not of importance, the tread will just die because there is no input. Non constructive input keeps the thread alive but with no useable content.

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if you count the amount of time (unpaid work) you put in, its not that free anymore

I think the upset arises when someone new joins the forum and hasn’t earned their stripes.

The fact that they may have the skill sets to contribute in a meaningful way is being overlooked.

Now that you have been directed to the areas where the real development occurs you will be able to put your technical know how to good use.

It can be quite off putting for new members when they ask a question only to be met with sarcasm. It’s so easy to give the stock answer “RTFM”. A little help goes a long way and is good for community spirit too.