Google assistant + home assistant?


is it possible to integrate google assistant with home assistant to trigger tasks and such ? please provide links of any info related to such subject and thank you ! :slight_smile:


I’ve been following this here and there, and the issue with Google Assistant is that the public API has not yet been released. As such, the go to tool for Automation for intercepting Android functions AutoApps cannot yet do things easily.

There is a cumbersome work around using IFTTT and Tasker, which you could point to your MQTT or HTTP API server to get some functionality.


I just set up a new Google Home. There are a few options. I think a lot of people use the Emulated_Hue, however in recent versions of the Home ios/andriod app, changes Hue setup to use the cloud vs local device detection. (Using an older andriod app version is a work around). The other option is to use IFTTT with the Maker channel to make web requests to the HA Rest api. I ended up doing this for the few things I needed, as the native Hue integration works better for my lights. I’m trying to figure out how to get a rest api post to activate the google_say tts so I and set up web requests through IFTTT that will query sensor data and read the results back on the Home.


@shady282 I looked it up, worked it out, and made a tutorial for you bud.
Check out the tutorial here