Google Assistant: How to control HA form my phone's Google Assistant


Hey guys,
Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but i am having some trouble finding a solution.
It seems to me (as a novice user) that there is large documentation on enableing google assistant on a HA device, and having it listen to your voice and excecute your commands. This is not what i am trying to do and probably, as both the topics are similar, this is why i cant find any documentation.

I would like (As the title reads) to be able to control my HA through my phone’s GA.

Is this possible? and if so, is there some documentation that you could point me to so i can start reading?

I have duckdns/letsencrypt set up and i am on RPi with HASSIO 0.56.2.



Yes it’s possible. Just create IFTTT tasks using Google Assistant as “this” and do a http post command via Webhooks as “that”.


Thanks @Bob_NL , so there is no need to install any google assistant stuff on my HA device?

  • are ifttt webhooks that fast?
  • are there any guides that i could follow available (as i said im rather novice)


Nope, not necessary. I did not experience any delay longer than 5 seconds. Check this topic: How to Integrate Google Assistant and Home Assistant API using only IFTTT


Thanks again, will check it out and come back with questions, if any :slight_smile:


The Google Assistant component will let you do that, you don’t have to use voice.


This is what I wanted to do yes. I wanted to link my Google Home Mini to the HA so I can control stuff with it.
The only problem I’m having when setting this up is that "https://HA_Installatino/google_assistant/auth is returning a 404 error so I can’t authenticate myself.


Lots of info this thread


I think I have the same issue… I’m overwelmed with the information that is available.

Basically what I want it voice control/assistance of my Home Assistant Automation via my Google Home Mini’s.

I am running on HassIO.

Do I need to use DialogFlow (API.AI) or do I need to set up de Google Assistance App or …


Google Assistant only.
The other are completely separate.

Follow instructions here and when complete it will just work. It looks daunting but much easier than it seems.


hi tmjpugh,

thanks for you’re response.

Thus, if I understand correct, I can install the Google Assistance App in HassIO and ignore the setup of a Microphone and Speaker, correct?

Then follow the documentation under the link you provided, correct?

Thanks in advance,


Follow instructions at link and done. Google Assistant will controller Compatible HA entity and can report state.


how can i install gactions on my rapsberry pi? :frowning:


Just place in the config folder. It is used for one time setup only I believe.
project.json goes in same folder


gonna point you to this thread as well. A lot of questions are answered here already and more people there to assist with specific OS/Config


now the “chmod +x gactions” command does not do anything.
nor the command listed in the other tread “sudo chmod +x ./gactions”


chmod does not DO anything you will see.
It makes file executable on system so gactions program can run
if you dont get error, likely worked

type "ls -all"
should show file as -rwxr-xr-x or similar
x is executable ( i believe…always forget this but should be x’s)


Hi, I’ve run through the comprehensive setup for Google Assistant as outlined in the component documentation. Everything seemed to setup correctly without error. But when i ask the Google Home to ‘turn on the Kitchen light’ it just says that a kitchen light is not setup yet and to go to the Home app to configure. Everything seems fine within the app so I’m not sure how to progress troubleshooting whats wrong. Any suggestions?


Does the app show a light called “Kitchen Light” or any lights assigned to the “Kitchen” room?


Yeah, under the HASS device in Home Control it has identified the HASS light ‘Kitchen’ which i have assigned to room Kitchen. I have also assigned other HASS lights that were identified to their specific room with in the Google Home app.