Google Home & Hassio integration question


Hi guys, i’m pretty new on this whole thing :smiley: So i bought a raspberry pi3 and installed hassio. Connected my devices like philips hue, my Lg Webos Tv, xiaomi box 3. Now i have a google home mini speakaer that hassio discovered. I have set up the duckdns and put this code in configuration.yaml file: # Google Home example configuration.yaml entry
listen_port: 80
What anything else i need to do to control my devices on hassio trough google home? For example to switch off my tv connected to hassio trough google home voice command? I need to install the voice assistant component?
Thank you very much


Anyone Please? This is my last step and i can’t do :frowning:


To control your tv I would first recommend getting harmony.

To get google to trigger switches,scripts, lights ect
You can either
Create an home app

Or use ifttt